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I belive it means you can see past the mayhem if you will into the heart of things. You know how they say it's what's on the inside that counts...You see people for who they really are as in true colors. I tried reseaching this meaning myself which led me to this question. I could be mistaken but I think I'm accurate as to the meaning. Hope this helps :O)

cannot see the wood for the trees and cannot see the forest for the trees

Prov. Cannot perceive the overview or important things because of concentrating too much on details. The information presented in this textbook is so disorganized that I can't see the wood for the trees. The politician's opponents claimed that she couldn't see the forest for the trees, because she spent so much time trying to solve minor problems.

See also: cannot, see, tree, wood

The above answer is incorrect. When people use the phrase 'can't see the forest for the trees' - it means that people are losing themselves in the details (trees) that you forget the larger picture or vision (forest). This phrase is very commonly used in business. Some people get so stuck in the details that the details become the overwhelming focus that sometimes leads towards a different solution such that you forget the original vision.

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What does forest means?

Forest is a place that have trees and other stuff

What is meaning of the expression Losing the wood for trees?

Not seeing the forest for the trees means being too close to a subject to see it in its entirety, paying too much attention to parts of a thing and not enough to the whole.

Why is it easier to walk through an old mature forest of tall trees than through a young forest of small trees?

because the tall trees would be more spread apart

To miss the forest because of the trees?

This is a saying that means to overlook the obvious. The phrase is "Cannot see the forest for the trees." It means to focus attention so much on details that you miss the over-all view. You cannot "see the forest" if the trees are in the way. May the forest be with you

Why it is easier to walk through old forest than through young forest?

In an old forest trees are more spread apart then a young forest

What is a dense forest?

The word "dense" means thick. A dense forest is a forest thick with trees or having trees growing very closely together.

What actors and actresses appeared in The Forest Through the Trees - 2013?

The cast of The Forest Through the Trees - 2013 includes: Johnny Barratt as Edward Heald

What is the Definition of forest and wildlife conservation?

Forest means a place where the envitonment is covered from all sides with trees and wildlife means

Forest of coniferous trees?

deciduous forest Not deciduous, as that means leaf losing. Tagia perhaps.

Why is it easier to walk through an Forrest with tall trees than a forest with short trees?

because, it is.

Why is temperate forest called deciduous forest?

Because a temperate deciduous forest contains trees that loose their leaves in the winter, and that is what deciduous means. In an temperate coniferous forest, trees don't loose their leaves, such as evergreens.

What is the sloths niche?

the niche is in the forest up in the trees. the niche is in the forest up in the trees. the niche is in the forest up in the trees. the niche is in the forest up in the trees. the niche is in the forest up in the trees.

What thinking globally means?

for me ,thinking globally means being aware of the earth's problem. it is like looking at a whole forest and seeing beyond the beauty of the trees. it means thinking aboit the forest's history. it's wildlife,the resources it provides,and the people it supports.

What do they mean by conservation of forest resources?

Conservation of forest resources means to replace trees that are cut down with new saplings. It also means to maintain the habitat of animals during the act of cutting down trees.

What is the difference between fruit trees and forest trees?

Fruit trees bear fruit while forest trees can or cant they just have to be in a forest. So fruit trees is a much narrower thing then forest trees.

Why is the forest dark inside the forest?

because the sun is barely visible through the leaves of the trees ,making it quite dark inside the forest

What does surrounding means and example?

Surrounding is the place around you. If you are in a forest you are surrounded by trees.

If the young and mature trees in a forest are the same species the forest is?

a forest is a compact of many trees where in different animals live. The forest need trees so the animals can live there. The forest needs that many trees.

What type of trees in a temperate forest?

oak trees , red wood trees , and forest wood trees

Where can you find a forest with no trees?

You can find a forest with no trees in a tundra.

Is forest a collective noun?

Yes, the noun forest is a collective noun; a forest of trees. Other collective nouns for trees are a stand of trees, a copse of trees, or a grove of trees.

Conservation of forest resources?

Conservation of forest resources means being careful when using the resources so that they last. This means controlled logging and replanting after trees are logged so that a new forest can grow.

What does the name Pennsylvania mean?

It means Penn's Woods. (Woods as in trees, forest, etc)

Is there palm trees in the forest?

No, there are no palm trees in the forest. There are palm trees in the tropics, but there are no forests in the tropics.

On panfu where is hidden forest?

If you look through the telescope at the volcano and go to the bottom left corner a light will come through the trees and you click and you will go to the Erie forest