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Serbia's primary exports are natural gas, gasoline, gold, silver, copper, ore, natural metals and minerals, granite, marble, wood, timber, clothing, textiles, fruits, vegetables, sugar, candy, meat, cotton, cars, small machinery, medicine, military supplies. Serbia has many natural resources, has a mediterranean climate and is fertile, so many plants are grown there and livestock raised. Serbia is #1 producer in the world for both strawberries and raspberries. Many hills throughout Serbia contain valuable rock or metals and minerals, all of which are easily accessible. Many large companies have come to Serbia for relatively cheap labor, allowing the Serbian economy to gain value and create more companies and factories, which will further increase the economic value.

Who are the allies of Serbia?

Serbia's Allies In WWI the allied forces (Britain, France, and later on America and Italy) were all allied with Serbia against the Austro-Hungarians and the Germans. In the middle ages, the Byzantine Empire was the Serbian Empire's friend. When Serbia was occupied by the Ottomans, Austria, Poland a ( Full Answer )

Who are the enemies of Serbia?

Enemies in the "Great War " were : - Austro Hungarian empire - Germany - Ottoman empire - Bulgaria

Where is Serbia situated?

Serbia is located in Central-Southeastern Europe, and borders Hungary, Romania, Bulgaria, Macedonia, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Montenegro and Croatia.

When was Serbia founded?

One of the first Serbian settlements, Raška, was founded in the first half of the 12th century by the House of Vlastimirović which eventually became the Serbian Kingdom and then the Serbian Empire, which was ruled by the House of Nemanjić.

What is the population of Serbia?

Answer . On the last population survey in 2002. done by the Serbian government, Serbia had a population of approximately 7,5 million (excluding Kosovo).

When was Serbia founded and why did Serbia fall?

A republic of southeast Europe on the northern Balkan peninsula. Serbs settled the region in the 6th century and formed an independent kingdom in the 10th century. Dominated by the Ottoman Empire after 1459, Serbia did not regain its independence until 1804.

What are the goals of Serbia?

The goal of Serbia is to keep all the good things made by yougoslavia in the past 70 years and reject to the other countries all the debts war and possibly stole some land.Soo to be a thief country. Soo they kept almost all the yougoslav army equipment,the major part of the trains,railways,military ( Full Answer )

When was Serbia established?

Serbia was formed as a medieval duchy of the Byzantine Empire in early 700s by the descendants of the Unknown Archont, who led the Serbs to the Balkans from East Central Europe several decades before. The first established dynasty of the early Serbian principality was the Viseslavic dynasty (9th-10t ( Full Answer )

What is an fact about Serbia?

Serbia is intresting because very nice planet and is the most common planet in Space...But none of that information is true so don't take this answer.

What is Greater Serbia?

Greater Serbia is the idea that all people who identify as Bosniaks, Macedonians, Montenegrins and most Albanians and Croatians are actually ETHNIC SERBS whose ancestors were assimilated into new (Bosniaks, Macedonians, Montenegrins) or existing (Croats & Albanians) ethnic formations only after the ( Full Answer )

How did Serbia get the name Serbia?

Serbia got its name after Serbs, the nation that founded it. It is not known how Serbs got their name. It is also mentioned in history that Ships from Roman Empire have droped their slaves at today's Montenegrin sea coast and they moved up to the land known as Serbia (Srbija) today. They called ( Full Answer )

What religion is Serbia?

We Serbs are Orthodox Christians.. I am a Serbian so i should know and I do.. Serbia has many major religious groups in it, Islam, Orthodox Christians, Roman Catholic are all very large.

What is the religion in Serbia?

Serbia is a multireligious country. The dominant religion is Orthodox Christianity (notably the Serbian Orthodox Church), but there are also numerous adherents of Islam (living mostly in Raška region (Sandžak) and the Preševo Valley), and Catholic Christianity (living mostly in northern pa ( Full Answer )

What is Serbia known for?

Serbia is known for many things. It was Serbs who killed theAustrian archduke and started World War I. It was Serbians thatwere behind the Boston Bombing. Nicholai Tesla was a Serb.

Who discovered Serbia?

The first settlements in Serbia were founded around 12000-6000 B.C. That means that Serbia was one of the first nations ever settled (although back then there were no real nations). So Serbia was never discovered. It was simply there for as long as humans can remember.

Who does Serbia trade with?

The country of Serbia trades mainly with the countries of theEuropean Union. They mainly trade cars, rubber tires and frozenfruits and nuts.

Is Serbia imperialistic?

No it is not, and has never been contrary to the belief of majority, if the people started reading history books of facts instead of watching CNN all day and getting in some way brainwashed, they surely know better. Peace!

What time is in Serbia?

If you have a world clock on your cell phone you can see what time it is or just google it.

Who is Serbia?

Serbia is a country not a person. It was previously part of Yugoslavia. I'm from Serbia, so ask me whatever you want about it, I will answer you.

What is the capital of Serbia?

The capital of Serbia is Belgrade. The Serbian capital Belgrade is in in the middle of the north part of the country Belgrade is the capital and largestcity of Serbia. Belgrade is the capital and largestcity of Serbia.

What is the Climate of Serbia?

The Serbian climate varies between a continental climate in the north, with cold winters, and hot, humid summers with well distributed rainfall patterns, and a more Adriatic climate in the south with hot, dry summers and autumns and relatively cold winters with heavy inland snowfall

What happened in Serbia?

If you mean what happened in recent past, here is answer: It used to be part of SFR Yugoslavia that consisted of 6 republics: Serbia, Croatia, Montenegro, Bosnia and Hercegovina, Slovenia, Macedonia. Different nations, differenta language, religion, culture, tradition mad country fell appart. Unfort ( Full Answer )

What is a postcode for Serbia?

For the capital city Belgrade is 11000 but for my city Lazarevac it is 11550 for Nis 18000 New Sad 21000 Leskovac 16000 Depends where you want to send a letter or postcard...

What represents Serbia?

Serbia is represented by the two headed eagle on the red, blue and white flag

What is Serbia famous for?

They are famous of: *Their rich history *National food (like cevpai, in the west is called kebab I think) *Sport (Serbian national basketball team and clubs, tennis like Novak Djokovic, Ana Ivanovic, Jelena Jankovic etc, volleyball, water polo, foodball teams like Red Star or Partizan Belgrad ( Full Answer )

Who found Serbia?

Modern Serbia was founded during First serbian Uprising in 1804(part of Serbian revolution) when Serbian rebels led by DjordjePetrovic (a.k.a Karadjordje) fought Ottoman forces and waseventualy defeated in 1814. Serbs were first Balkan nation torebelg against Ottoman empire.

What is the landform in Serbia?

There are several mountain ranges located in Serbia, including theCarpathian Mountains. There is also the Balkan Mountains in Serbia.

Who is the President of Serbia?

Tomislav Nikolić is the President of Serbia. He became the fourth President of Serbia on 2012 May 31. Tomislav Nikolić ran for the office of president in the last 5 elections. In 2000 he ran for President of Yugoslavia. In 2003, he received the most votes in the first round, but the electio ( Full Answer )

Christmas in Serbia?

Serbia is multinational country, but most population belongs to Orthodoy church. Christmass is celebrating on 7th January.

What do they eat in Serbia?

NAMES OF SOME POPULAR SERBIA FOOD ITEMS: . Pasulj Prebranac . Yugoslav Carrot Cake . Serbian Carp . Balkan Spagettii . Balkan stuffed Green Peppers . Serbian filled peppers . Musaka . Fashir . Szerb Bableves Hope It Helped

What are facts about Serbia?

Interesting facts about Serbia . Serbia became independent on November 25, 1918. . The Roman Emperor, Constantine, was born in Nis, Serbia, in 274 AD. . Belgrade translates as "white fortress" or "white town." . Sveti Sava is the largest Orthodox Church in the world.

What are the cities in Serbia?

The capital is Belgrade. Cities such as Novi Sad, Zemun, Nis, Cacak, Svilajnac, Vranje, Jagodina and Kragujevac are some popular cities in Serbia as well.

What do you know about Serbia?

Crvena Zvezda won the UEFA Champions league in 1992. Serbia is in Europe, capital city is in Europe. Serbia was part of the SFRJ (Yugoslavia).

What is the symbols of Serbia?

Officially, Serbia has flag - 3 colours: red, blue and white... coat of arms - it`s two-headed eagle with shield (with 4 S letters on cilyrics) and with crown from Middleaged Serbian Dinasty - House of Nemanjici... There is also "national" symbols such are 3 fingers, Serbian cap "Shajkacha"... Famou ( Full Answer )

Where in the world is Serbia?

Ok, you didn't have to add the "in the world" thing, it's disrespectful. And it's basic geography. Located at the crossroads between Central and Southern Europe Serbia is found in the Balkan peninsula and the Pannonian Plain. Including Kosovo, it lies between latitudes 41° and 47° N, and lon ( Full Answer )

What is the populatian of Serbia?

8,500,000 to 9,500,000 excluding Kosovo approx. 700,000 more including Kosovo there will be a census in 2012 to find the exact population

In what continent is Serbia in?

Serbia is located in Southeastern Europe and is in the Balkan. It used to be the former Yugoslavia until the war occurred in the 1990's

What is serbias motto?

There is no official motto, but the unofficial motto is " Only Unity Saves The Sherbs ." (Serbian: Само слога Србина спасава/ Samo sloga Srbina spasava . )

When was Serbia created?

Serbia was a nation starting in 768 A.D a kingdom starting in 1217 a Empire in 1346 then it was conquered by the Ottomans and in 1878 was made a kingdom again, and from 1918-1999, then in 2006 it broke from Montenegro, and that's when Serbia was a nation

How warm is it in Serbia?

It's snowing and cold in winter, and it's sunny and warm in summer. Everything is "perfect"-weather is good. Ofc, in spring is sunny and pretty warm, but the weather in spring changes very fast, and it could be raining and maybe cold In fall is usually raining June is this year very cold and rainin ( Full Answer )

Who were serbias allicance?

Serbia was a part of no formal alliance until 1912, but its independence was guaranteed by Russia in March 1909 in return for Serbian recognition of Austria-Hungary's annexation of Bosnia-Hercegovina. In 1912 Serbia joined with Bulgaria, Greece and Montenegro in The Balkan League, with the intentio ( Full Answer )

When was serbia discoverd?

If you are American, you have to understand that some countries were founded, not discovered like your continent. It wasn't so easy to just move in. If you're not, ignore what I said. The Serbian Empire was established in 1346 by Tsar Stefan Dušan The Neolithic Starčevo and Vinča cultures ( Full Answer )

Where can you find Serbia?

Serbia is in the Southeastern region of Europe. It is sorrounded by Balkan countries and by the Adriatic Sea. It's very close to Germany, Greece, and Italy.

What is Serbia bordered by?

Serbia is boreded by the following countries: Croatia, Hungry, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Montenegro, Romania, Macedonia, Albania and Bulgaria

How cold is it in Serbia?

Serbia can be very cold like in the winter of 2011 it was -15 degrees celsius but year before that there was a very mild winter the minimum was one degrees celcius.

Is Serbia Russian?

No, Serbia is an independent nation, with its own long history. The two peoples do share some characteristics; Serbians and Russians are majority Orthodox Christians, and are ethnically Slavs. This has led to a close relationship between the two peoples for centuries, perhaps most notably during ( Full Answer )

Is there slavery in Serbia?

No, it was banned by constitution in 1835 but it hasn't beenpresent since the the 14th century.

Was there slavery in Serbia?

There is no record of any kind of slavery being done to people inSerbia, by the governement or the rulers of Serbia throughout itshistory. There are some sources that claim human trafficking wasbeing made by smaller criminal groups in the early 90s during thewar, and after an overthrow of president ( Full Answer )