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This would be an insult implying that the Irish live "on the wrong side of the tracks."

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Q: What does Shanty Irish mean?
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Who are the shanty Irish?

The word "shanty" is not used much in Ireland. It seems to be a word used mainly by americans. "Shanty Irish" was used to describe the poorest of the poor Irish immigrants, the kind who ended up in shanty town (the origin of the word "shanty" is not known, but it might come from the Irish "sean tí", meaning "old house"). Today "shanty" in the States is a derogatory term for people who in Ireland might be known as culchies but the people so described need not necessarily be of Irish descent.

Who wrote drunken sailor?

no one wrote or composed it, it is a traditional Irish sea shanty

Whiat is more populated shanty houses or a city?

This is a very general question.. But to answer it literally, a city has a much higher population than a shanty house. I think you actually mean a shanty town? But I can't answer unless you say which shanty town and which city..

What is one possible origin of the term shanty town?

The term shanty town refers to an old, unkempt, poor area of a city or town. It has often been noted the origin is of French or Irish. The french word "chantier" means place, and the word "sean-tig" meaning hut in Irish.

Use shanty in a sentence?

He sings a sea shanty, while sitting in the doorway of his shanty.

What is the merchant's name by the shanty pass?


What is a shanty?

shanty is a little shackA shanty town is a collection of shacks, made of whatever the people can get hold of.A shanty is a portable shed or a shack. It's a dwelling.

How do you use the word shanty in a sentence?

My auntie lives in a shanty. The new boutique at the mall is called 'The Panty Shanty'.

What does will mean in Irish?

'Will' is not an Irish word and has no meaning in Irish.

What was a shanty boy?

Someone who lived in a shanty, i.e. a shack.

What is the name of the shanty town in cape town?

shanty town

How can you use shanty in a sentence?

A shanty is no more than a shack.

How do you write shanty in a sentence?

It was a shanty town built across the street from the White House. She lived in a shanty down by the river.

How do you go through shanty pass on runescape?

You must buy a shanty pass from a guard or shanty, then cross the border. Atternatively, you can now quick pay by right-clicking the shanty pass.

What does nichola mean in Irish?

It doesn't mean anything in Irish.

What does Kayla mean in Irish?

Kayla doesn't mean anything it Irish; it's not an Irish word.

What does Sarah mean in Irish?

Sarah doesn't mean anything in Irish: it's not an Irish word.

What is the plural of shanty?

The plural of shanty is shanties. As in "the shanties look poor".

What does NIkko mean in Irish?

Nikko doesn't mean anything in Irish.

What does the Irish word konyak mean in English mean?

If you mean the Irish (Gaelic) it is not in that language. Irish has neither 'k' nor 'y' in its alphabet.

What does Nichole mean in Irish?

It doesn't mean anything in Irish: it's not an Irish name. I believe it's French.

What does isabelle mean in Irish?

"Isabelle" doesn't mean anything in Irish, but the Irish version of the name is Sibéal (shibael).

What does eme mean in Irish?

"eme" doesn't mean anything in Irish. It doesn't look like an Irish word.

What does vue mean in Irish?

Does Ballavue mean anything in Irish? I can find no example of it as a placename. 'Vue' is not a word in Irish.

What does Jaden mean in Irish?

It's not in Irish so it has no meaning in Irish.