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SO is not on the periodic table of elements. Instead, it is a combination of two elements, Sulfur (S) and Oxygen (O).

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I'm afraid there is no element with the initials So on the periodic table... Sorry!

Do you mean NH3? If so, that's ammonia. It is a compound of Hydrogen and Nitrogen, so it doesn't appear of the periodic table.

Silicon is Si on the Periodic table

Do you mean Rutherfordium?

Ai is not an element on the periodic table

Usually when saying "periodic," scientists usually refer to the periodic table. This table is the shortened version of gasses, solids, liquids, and so on.

CO2 Stands for Carbon Dioxide - - - - - CO2 is a compound, so it wouldn't be on the periodic table in the first place.

Do you mean NaCl? If so it is salt.

Ca is the symbol for Calcium on the Periodic Table.

Ni is the symbol for Nickel in the Periodic Table.

The periodic table is arranged so what is increasing.

Ci means chlorine in the periodic table

They help the organization of the periodic table.

On the periodic table Ni represents the element Nickel.

B is the symbol for boron which is an element on the periodic table

N stands for nitrogen in the periodic table

This depend on the editor of your periodic table; read the legend for informations.

the vertical columns in the periodic table are called groups.

Cadmium is Cd, not CD. There is no CD on the periodic table.

H stands for Hydrogen in the periodic table

The symbol, Cu, on the periodic table means Copper.

The periods mean the number of lines there are on the periodic table of elements.For example:Hydrogen is in period 1Iron is in Period FourThe periodic table includes ___ _______ periods.Answer:

The periodic table consists of elements; NaCl (sodium chloride, or table salt) is a compound.

F means fluorine in periodic table. It is placed in group-17 in the periodic table ad has 7 electrons in its octet.

Asprin is not an element, so it is not found on the periodic table.

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