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What does TAI mean?


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For internet slang; TAI = Think About It

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i dont know who you mean by Tai. but i know that Sora doesnt kiss anyone.

"Tai" has many different meanings in the Japanese language, such as "anti", "versus", "against" and "necktie".

It means from Thailand and its origin is Chinese.

Vulture (sometimes used for eagle).

The cast of Tai Tai - 2002 includes: Brenda Chan as Tai Tai Camby Cheung as Tai Tai Elaine Chew as Tai Tai Jimmy Ga Lok Wong as Harold Josie Ho as Clara Elaine Ho as Saleswoman Angie Ho as Tai Tai Chelsea Koh as Tai Tai Don Koo as Husband Ho Kwun Tse as Maid Jessica Lau as Tai Tai Idy Law as Mistress Chung Shing Lau as Chauffeur Rebecca Tam as Tai Tai Bart Wong as Husband

Taiwan Brown goes by Tai Possible, Tai, and Tai-Tai.

tai gik is the cantonese pronunciation. tai chi is mandarin.

平ら /tai ra/ can mean 'evenness, peacefulness, flatness, calmness'.

mean You really great?

"Tai Chi" doesn't really mean anything. The correct western spelling of this Chinese phrase is "Taiji" and the martial art is "Taijiquan". It doesn't mean "Supreme Ultimate" or "Grand Ultimate". The closest short translation is "Extreme Polarity".

Chen Style Tai Chi, Yang Style Tai Chi Chuan, Sun Style Tai Chi Chuan, Lee Style Tai Chi, Guang Ping Tai Chi, 8 Diamond Form Tai Chi Chuan.

People that are name tai are awesome

The population of On Tai is 5,371.

Tai Anderson's birth name is Samuel Tai Anderson.

Tai Babilonia's birth name is Tai Reina Babilonia.

used to exaggerate something..or grand, as in the grand from 'grandmother' etc.

The Chinese phrase 'Ni tai hao le' or 你太好了 translates to English as 'You are too good.'

Tai Urban goes by Tai-Alexander Urban, and T. Urban.

If you wanted to say it in Chinese, it is quite simple. 'Mrs' is tai tai, and it would come AFTER the name. So Mrs Herman would be Herman tai tai. Tai rhymes with eye and sky.

it's boxing from tai land dum tit and it's not tai is THAI F#CK

Mount Tai got its name because it is close to the city of Tai'an.

The duration of Kato hayabusa sento-tai is 1.85 hours.

The most popular Tai Chi DVD series are The Tai Chi - 24 Hours, Sunrise Tai Chi, Totaly Nude Yoga and Tai chi, Tai Chi for Health - Yang Short Form with Terrence Dunn etc.

Tai tai de qing ren - 1992 is rated/received certificates of: Hong Kong:III

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