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What does TNT stand for?

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T N T = Trinitrotoluene, an explosive. ------ Also, Turner Network Television - Formerly the name of a syndication service, now a Cable Television network created by Ted Turner and owned today by Time Warner.

Uh duh! It stands for 'Teen Ninja Turtles';) Or Trinitrotoluene and even in some circles 2-Methyl-1,3,5-trinitrobenzen

Thomas National Transport (today not tomorrow)

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What is tnt stand for?

TNT is an abbreviation that stands for Trinitrotoluene. This is a chemical compound that is used in various explosives.

What does tnt fireworks stand for?

The Night Theatre

What does initials TNT channel stand for?


What does t n t stand?

TNT = Trinitrotoluene

In the courier company tnt what does tnt stand for?

Track n Trace If you check the TNT Express website it explains it all. TNT stands for Thomas Nationwide Transport although the best answer I was ever told when asking the question is "Tomorrow not Today"

What does tnt stand for in fire works?

Yes bc u might get hurt

Is detonation of TNT a chemical or physical change?

The TNT is not TNT after exploding. It is a chemical change.

What elements are in TNT?

there are no elements in TNT Peanuts!

Is tnt organic or inorganic?

TNT is trinitrotoluene and is organic.

Is TNT molecular or ionic?

TNT is a molecular compound.

Which is strong explosive amongTNT or gun powder or liquid oxygen or gun cotten?

TNT. Liquid Oxygen is not an explosive.TNT

Is TNT a heterogenous or homogenous substance?

TNT is a homogeneous substance.

When was Tennis on TNT created?

Tennis on TNT was created in 2000.

How do you get TNT on minecraft pe without hex editor?


What is the id for TNT in minecraft?

The number ID for TNT is; 46.

How do you make tnt on doodle devil?

Oil + Acid = TNT

What is TNT Express's population?

TNT Express's population is 77,478.

What is the population of TNT Express?

TNT Express's population is 2,011.

When was TNT television created?

TNT television was created in 2001.

When was TNT Airways created?

TNT Airways was created in 1999.

When was NFL on TNT created?

NFL on TNT was created in 1990.

When was TNT Film created?

TNT Film was created in 2006.

When was TNT Golf created?

TNT Golf was created in 1974.

When did the song TNT come out?

That depends on what album you want to know about. But the first album with TNT on it came out in 1975. The album was TNT.

What channel number is TNT on shaw direct?

is tnt on shaw direct satellite