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What does TPS stand for?


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throttle position sensor


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Your TPS will be located on the throttle body.

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tps will be located other side ofthrotle to accel cable check for clean connection at tps plug replace tps unless you can test unit dave.cop

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It connects the TPS (Throttle Position Sensor) to the ECM (Engine Control Module) so the ECM can receive information transmitted by the TPS.

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TPS stands for Transaction Processing Systems.

On the E150 (1996 is my model year), the TPS is mounted on the bottom of the throttle body. Usually you need to remove the throttle body to access the TPS.

To remove the throttle position sensor: 1. Unplug the electrical harness. 2. Remove the bolt that holds the tps in place. 3. Remove the tps. To install a new tps reverse the removal procedure. There is no adjustment given.

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ERP is an integrated TPS that facilitates the flow of information between the functional areas of a business, primarily provides an organization with an integrated suite of TPS functionality.

The TPS is part of the throttle body and is only serviced with the throttle body.The TPS is part of the throttle body and is only serviced with the throttle body.

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