What does Taiwan farm?

This is not a researched answer, but the result of personal experience. Wherever you go in Taiwan, you see rice paddies. Most of them are privately owned but they produce rice not only for personal use, but also for commercial purposes. The second thing you see are fruit trees upon fruit trees. These are mostly for commercial purposes, though. There are also numerous kinds of vegetables (like yams, sweet potatoes, bamboo shoots, etc.) that are grown in different parts of Taiwan, depending on the weather conditions of each part. Another very popular product is the betel nut. These trees are planted wherever there is a little space, and in mountainous areas, the betel nut trees are often planted on the slopes of the mountains. In the smaller rural areas, most families have some kind of a vegetable garden where they produce something of everything. For some of the elderly, these little vegetable patches provide their main income.