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Te amo tu mi hermana means I love you your my sister

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Hermana yo te quiero

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Te amo mi querida hermana?

It means: "I love you my dear sister"

What does te amo mi uno hermane mean in Spanish?

The statement written above is gibberish, but very close to an actual Spanish statement. Te amo mi hermano = I love you my brother. Te amo mi hermana = I love you my sister. Te amo mi único hermno/a = I love you my only brother/sister (clumsy statement in Spanish, but it works) Te amo mi uno hermane = I love you my (1) [hermane]

Vaya a dios mi hermana Te amo?

Go to God, my sister. I love you.

What does yo amo a mi hermana mayor mean?

It means, "I love my big [older] sister."

Translate from Spanish to English -Te amo mi hermano te amo?

Te amo mi hermano te amo in English means I love you I love you your butt

What does te Amos mi hermano mean?

"Te amo mi hermano" (not amos) means "I love you my brother"

What does te amo mi amor mi corazon estu para siempre mean?

If you mean te amo mi amor mi corazon es tu para siempre then it means... I love you my love my heart is yours forever.

What does te amo para siempre mi gusto mean?

"Te amo para siempre" is "I love you forever". The "mi gusto" would mean "my taste", and does not seem to add anything to the satement.

What does Te amo mi no-via mean?

I love you my girlfriend

What does mi amor te amo mean?

It means, "I love you, my love."

What does does mi vida te amo mean?

Translation: I love you my life

What does te amor es azul mi amor es bonita te amo mean?

I love you my loveThe sentence should be spelled 'Te amo mi amor." and it means "I love you my love." in Spanish.

Which has more meaning te amo or mi amor?

"Te amo" means "I love you". "Mi amor" means "my love"

How do you pronounce te Amo mi hermosa hija?

te = tea .... amo is the same ammo, mi = me , hermosa = her.... mosa . hija = ee-ha its mean i love my beautful daughter

What does Te quiero Te amo mi amor mean in english?

Translation: I want you, I love you my love.

What does yo te amo mi angelito mean?

i love you, my little angel

What does te amo mi vida mean in english?

You are my life, so I love you.

What does Portales mean in spanish?

mi carro! con mi corazon! te amo por siempre

What is te echo de menos a mi hermana menor in English?

Te echo de menos means "I miss you"A mi hermana menor means "To my little sister"

What does te amo con todo mi corazon te lo juro mean?

that mean i love you with all my heart i swear.

What does Te amo con todo mi corazรณn y eso te lo aseguro mean?

Te amo con todo mi corazón means: I love you with all of my heart! And eso te lo aseguro can mean either "That's for sure" or "I assure you of it", depending on the context.

How do you say i love you my love in Spanish?

Te amo, corazón mío or te amo, mi amor*

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