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What does Throw a sheep mean?

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It's an action found in the application Super Poke on Facebook. My friends knows the creator ( Nikil ) and apparently he added it as an inside joke between friends.

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What does female sheep mean?

Sheep are animals, they come as males and females. So a female sheep is a sheep that is female.

I had a dream about sheep what does this mean?

i dreampt bleeding sheep were in my house

Does wether mean a male sheep?

A wether is a castrated male sheep. A ram is an entire male sheep.

Does station mean sheep farm in Australian?

Yes a sheep farm or ranch is know as a sheep station in Australia

What does the meaning baa ram you mean?

baa - what a sheep says ram - male sheep yew - female sheep

Where do sheep live in?

What do you mean "Where do sheep live in?" They live in sheds or outside in the fields.

What do you call Aussi sheep?

I would assume you mean a Merino. Which are the main sheep in Australia

What is a foul throw in track and field mean?

what is a foul throw??????????????

What does you love sheep mean?

It means I love you because a female sheep is called a ewe(pronounced you)

What can you do with a Frisbee?

you can throw it, play catch with it, be mean and throw it at ppl. ETC...

Does a black sheep mean it's a male?

No a black sheep can be either male or female, there are no coat colours that determine the sex of sheep unlike cats.

What is a young uncasted male sheep?

if you mean a non catrated male sheep. it would be called a Wether

How much wool did the Baa Baa Black Sheep have?

3 bags, full. of sheep poo you no what i mean

What does the sheep mean on the Chinese calendar?

The sheep on the chinese calendar means you are very curious that is one thing

What does the suffix -ject mean?

to throw out. Ex. ejection - to throw out forcefully

What does balancez-le du toit mean?

throw him / throw it from the roof.

Songs for sax?

baa baa black sheep baa baa black sheep baa baa black sheep

What did Jesus mean when he said i am the door of the sheep?

He meant that you can only enter Heaven through Him. Like a doorway, and we are the sheep.

What does it mean to say ''herd the sheep into the grass'' in poptropica?

Since the name of a group of sheep is herds. It is asking you to put the sheep into a herd into the grass area.

What does ewe mean?

Ewe means Female sheep.

What does the word ewe mean?

An ewe is a female sheep

What does Raewyn mean?

RAEWYN means leader of sheep

What does oves mean in English?

Oves are "sheep" in Latin.

What does maron in spanish mean?

It means 'ram' of the sheep.

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