What does VDT stand for?

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VDT stands for video display terminal or visual display terminal. It is a computer term which is familiarly known to us as the monitor. Its job is to communicate to the user, through texts, pictures, and videos the results of the computing process.

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Q: What does VDT stand for?
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What does the acronym VDT stand for?

Video Data Toolkit

What does VDT stand for in computer terminology?

Video Display Tube, an old name for the computer monitor.

What is the use of VDT?

shaqtastic and shaqtactular

Which one of the following input device is user-programmable a dumb terminal b smart terminal c VDT d mainframes?


What does VDT means in computer?

Visual Divice umm

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What displays the result of processing to the user on the computer?

The result of processing data on a computer can be viewed on a display, monitor, screen, CRT, VDT, LED display, printer or be obtained by voice output.

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