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Vitamin K is needed by the liver to make certain blood-clotting factors, so if somebody is deficient in the vitamin then they may bleed very easily. Dietary vitamin K comes from green vegetables, although under normal circumstances the body can produce as much as it needs - it's synthesized by the 'healthy' bacteria which live in the large intestine; but vitamin K deficiency can occur when these bacteria get killed off by antibiotics, or if a person has diarrhoea or is using laxatives and the large intestine gets emptied too quickly for the vitamin to be absorbed.

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Does grapefruit contain vitamin k?

No but it effects your bodies ability to metabolize coumadin

Does cabbage have vitamin k?

Yes, it does have vitamin K.

What is the common name for vitamin k?

Common names for vitamin K: the clotting vitamin, vitamin K1, vitamin K2, vitamin K3

If vitamin K bacteria or not please give me a short answer?

Shortest answer, no. Vitamin K is a vitamin.

What is structure of vitamin k?

vitamin k has no particular structure.............

How much vitamin k does cauliflower have?

It has about 20% vitamin K

Does mango have vitamin k?

they have small traces of vitamin k in them.

Is there vitamin k in banana?

Only a small amount of vitamin K

What does not have vitamin K in it?

Vitamin K is a drug. Kitamin. It isn't in food

Do English peas have vitamin K?

They have a low amount of vitamin k

Does green banana has vitamin k?

1.1 mcg of vitamin K

Does popcorn have vitamin K in it?

Yes popcorn doe's have vitamin k in it

Is acorn squash high in vitamin K?

No, it is low in vitamin K

Does freezing destroy vitamin K?

Vitamin K is a fat-soluble vitamin and should not be affected by freezing.

How is vitamin K stored in the body?

Vitamin K is stored in the fat cells in the body. Vitamin K is also stored in the liver in the body.

Is Vitamin K water soluble?

ANSWER:First, Vitamin K should no be confused with the element K, which is potassium. Vitamin K is a molecule comprised of carbon, oxygen, and hydrogen. It does not contain any potassium.To answer your question, Vitamin K is fat-soluble.

Does green tea have vitamin K?

yes, green tea has vitamin k.

When was vitamin k discovered?

Vitamin K was discovered by Henrik Dam in 1929

Does blueberries contain vitamin K?

Yes. Blueberries contain Vitamin K.

What will induce a vitamin k deficiency?

antibiotics can induce vitamin k deficiency

Does cauliflower contain vitamin k?

Yes, about 19-20 % vitamin K

What is the cpt code for vitamin K analysis of blood?

Vitamin k code

How much Vitamin K is in sugar peas?

There is no vitamin K in sugar peas

What vitamin destroy vitamin K in the intestines?

Vitamin C

Does eggs contain vitamin K?

No, eggs DO not contain any significant amount of vitamin K. Vitamin K is found in green, leafy material and microorganisms in the gastrointestinal tract. There is very little storage of vitamin K in the body.