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XE and SE are commonly for vehicle descriptions. XE means a bare-bones vehicle whereas SE means the vehicle has additional features.

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What does xe mean in Xterra xe mean?

XE means it is not the fully loaded SE model.

What is the difference between Nissan Xterra XE and SE?

The SE is the Luxury Version of the Nissan XTerra.

What is the engine size of 96 Nissan PU?

PU 2.4L PU king cab XE 3.0L PU SE 2.4L PU short bed XE 2.4L PU XE 2.4L

Which of the following elements will lead to an AF 4 molecule with the shape in iii Be C S Se Si Xe?

S and Se

What is the difference between the xe and se Nissan Xterra?

Well, I own an '04 Xterra XE. I've not seen many like it. The XE is the base model and comes with no power windows, no side door molding, no stepside, and it has a manual transmission with a 4 cyl. engine. Basically power nothing and a small engine. If you want to get specific, it doesn't come with a first aid kit either. Those are the differences in the XE and SE models.

What does xe mean on pickup?

extra energy, The Mule

What does no se papa mean?

what does no se pa'pa mean in english

Is Xe a molecule?

Xe is Xenon, an atom.Xe is Xenon, an atom.Xe is Xenon, an atom.Xe is Xenon, an atom.

What does 'se' mean in spanish?

se .means.know.

What is the difference between Nissan Xterra se and xterra xe?

The SE has the upgraded interior, moon roof (pretty useless), and the full exterior upgrades - mag wheels, rubber door protectors etc. The XE is anything else and varies from the stripped down 4 cylinder, manual transmission to the V6 4x4 with various options.

Which of the elements are nonmetals?

C, Se, Br, I, F, Cl, O, P, S, He, Ne, Ar, Kr, Xe, Rn, H

What does the prefix se mean?

Se means apart:)

What does como se yama mean?

its' como se llama and it mean what is ur name

What is the derivative of xe?

The derivative of xe is e. The derivative of xe is exe-1.

What is Lewis structure of Xe?

_.. :Xe: _..

What does zi se mean in Chinese?

the color purple

What does se mean in Japanese names?

It depends on the kanji, but "se" can mean "world" or "back, spine."

What does SE mean on dodge stratus?

SE...special edition

What does se agapo mean?

Se agapo is Greek for "I love you"

What does Nissan se mean?

The SE means Special Edition.

What does se bano mean?

se bano means the bathroom

What does SE mean on Toyota Camry?

SE: Sports Edition

What is the abbreviated electron configuration for Xe?


What does ma se kege mean in Samoan?

If you mean "Ma se keige/teine", it translates to, "and a girl".

What does SE in a telescope mean?

What Does Telescope Mean?

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