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What does a 'mom' or 'mother' tattoo mean?

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That you love your Mom or Mother.

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What does the tattoo love mom mean?

That you love your mom

What does the tattoo on his left leg mean?

it means your mom

You are 16 going on 17 and for your 17th birthday you have asked your mom to take you to get a tattoo what you want to know is if its legal for a tattoo artist to give you a tattoo with your mother be?

it is legal with parental consent.

What does a sun and moon tattoo mean?

There are many things that a sun and moon tattoo could mean. This kind of tattoo could symbolize a mother and father relationship for example.

What do mother mean in the bible?


What does a tattoo of a devil with a pitch fork mean?

It means you have issues with your Mom that you have not resolved

What does the English word 'mom' mean?

"Mom" in English also means "mother."

Who is zeuss mom?

If you mean who was Zeus' mother, it was RHEA

What does the tattoo on trey songz chest mean?

The April is his mom, Forrest his brother, and Rose is his grandma.

What does Mae mean in Thai?

แม่ (mæ̀) = mom or mother

Does Miley Cyrus's mom have a tattoo?

Yes. Miley's mother Leticia "Tish" Cyrus has giant wings on her back, a star on her right shoulder blade, a tattoo on her left hip, and she probably has others as well.

What do you do when your mother is mean?

You might think that your mother is being mean, but often what seems like a mean mom is just a caring mom that is trying to set some limits for her kids. If your mom is really mean, like if she hits you or does other things that hurt you, tell an adult that you trust about it so you can get some help.

What does Maw mean?

Maw is a colloquial spelling for Ma (Mom, Mother).

What does mama' mean in English?

Mamá means Mother (Mom).

Is mum the same thing as mom?

Yes, Mum and Mom mean the same. Your mother. Mum is more usual in the UK, Mom in the US

What does omma mean in Korean?

It's informal for mother. So, basically mom.

Who is mother Teresa's mom?

Mother Teresa's mom is Drnafile Bojaxhiu

Who is Mother Teresa's mom?

Mother Teresa's mom is Drnafile Bojaxhiu

In Mafia Wars where can you get a you heart mom tattoo?

the tattoo set of collections are looted from the Baklany job tier.

Does an infinity tattoo mean you are gay?

No, an infinity tattoo does not mean you are gay.

What is having a mum mean?

It means that you have a mom. sometimes, mom is referred to as mum, mama, mother, amma, mummy, mummma, mamma

What does your mom mean?

'Your mom' means 'your mother'. That is your female parent. In urban slang, "your mama" is said as a phrase of disrespect or as a comeback to an insult.

Can I go to a tattoo and piercings parlor and say that my friend's mom is my mom?

Absolutely not ! That renders your 'friends mom' liable to prosecution !

How do you say mother in Navajo?

Shimá is my mom Nimá is your mom Amá is a mother in general Bimá is hiśher mom Nihimá is our mom

What are the release dates for Tattoo Nightmares - 2012 Chelsea Hawkesby Mom?

Tattoo Nightmares - 2012 Chelsea Hawkesby Mom was released on: USA: 30 January 2013