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What does a 120V plug look like?


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115 and 120 volt receptacles or outlets are the normal outlets that you plug everyday items into. It has the two slit lookings things on either side and usually a third hole for the ground.
Since I cannot include a mini pic may I suggest you take a look at any electrical wall outlet (ac recepticle) found in your home that you plug appliances or a lamps into. This rectangular recepticle is normally covered with a plastic plate for beauty and protection. It is made to receive a plug from another appliance in order to be powered by electric current. There are two verticle slots side by side above and a round hole slot just under if a ground is included in the recepticle. The verticle slot(shorter slot) to the right is considered HOT(Voltage applied) and the one to the left is considered COMMON (return). The Plug connects into the Recepticle and makes a good electrical connection between the house wiring and the appliance. Normal voltage supplied here in the USA is 60 cycle 110-120 volts AC(alternating current). Standard Plugs in this voltage range may be called 110, 115, or 120 vac. There are 240 plugs available for higher current and power needs such as Air Conditioners. They come in a variety of configerations so that you must match the plug to the recepticle. Some have slanted and some straight verticle prongs but all are more massive in construction.


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No you cannot plug a 100v into a 120v outlet, it will fry whatever the product you are plugging up.

"As far as charging the Toyota Camry Hybrid, you can plug it into any one of the standard 120V plugs.So as long as it can surge a 120V plug, then it can be used."

The answer is YESYour lamp will only draw the amps that it needs from the receptacle.

If it is a 240 volt baseboard heater then the answer is no.

Assuming the plug configuration, the physical fit, is the same - just plug it in. the voltage difference is within what the equipment can handle.

Your 120V bulbs will only work if you connect the plug to a 220V-to-120V transformer, but you will probably want to replace the bulbs with 220V bulbs.

I'm guessing you mean 120 volt, 20 amp receptacle. Look at the receptacle. If the grounding prong is down, the flat slot on the left is your neutral. In a 120v/15 amp receptacle, this slot will be parallel to the hot slot next to it. In a 120v/20 amp receptacle, this slot will be shaped like a sideways 'T'. The reason it is designed this way is so you are able to put either a 15 or 20 amp plug into a 20 amp receptacle, but you can not put a 20 amp plug into a 15 amp receptacle.

A plug with 3 pins which can be inserted into the original UK plug.

open the hood, look for the extension cord look like, usually it's near on top of the headlights.

looks like a spark plug with a wire

it actually almos looks like a dildo

What is the voltage? 120V the right blade with the blades facing you. 240V both.

Yes you can. Don't worry it won't break! I have tried it myself!

you will probably have a new battery charger purchase in your future.

I need a lot more information. I don't know what you mean by four wire plug. What does it look like, what was it used for? What three wire plug are you installing, what does it look like, what is it used for. What color ore the wires?

You can find a 120V power cable at your local hardware store. Look in the section under extension cords.

Is the 220V plug 220V only or 110/220V? (The former will have 3 prongs and the former will have 4) If your case is the latter just use the ground, neutral, and one of the hots. This will give you 120V single phase. If the case is the former you can't get 110V off that plug.

There are no adptors to plug a 240v plug into a 120v receptacle. 240v requires two hot wores and a neutral and ground. 120v requires one hot wire, a neutral and a ground. If you have something that runs on 240/120 you need the cord and adaptor that came with the equipment as you willl need the wires to mate up accordingly.

Power adaptors are readily available that plug into Australia's 240v outlets, converting to 120v. Find them in travel, luggage and electronics stores.

Of course this is a bad idea. It will likely look like a flash bulb and may explode the glass. Do not do anything like this.

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