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GM vehicles of that vintage often had fuse boxes in a few locations: 1. Under the dashboard to the left of the steering column in a drop down panel. 2. Under the hood, on the drivers side fender. 3. Under the hood, on the firewall behind a plastic cover. 4. Under the dashboard, attached to the center console, accessed from the passenger side.

5. In the Glove Compartment

Your vehicle may have several of the above but you will have to check for yourself.

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Q: What does a 1994 buick regal fuse box look like?
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Where is the cabin air filter located on a 1998 Buick regal?

I'm assuming its like other buick regal models, around the passenger side windshield wiper.

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same as the front there both disk brakes just like the front

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Hey Brandon==The seat track has to be specially made to do this. GoodluckJoe

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Sounds like a bad cable

What cars use a 5 X 115 bolt pattern?

My 1988 Buick Regal, some late 70's cars like Oldsmobile... What else ??

Where do you put the freon in on a 1999 buick regal?

Look for the port(s) on the ac lines. they work like a tire valve. Should be a round blue thing.

2002 Buick regal head lamps not coming on brights work but only if held otherwise not staying on?

Sounds like you have a faulty stalk/multifunction switch.

You like to know where to put supercharge oil with your regular oil or is there a oil res right on your supercharger?

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How do you fix a buick regal 1996 that has no spark the fuel pump and filter and ignition control system are new?

It sounds like you need to replace the crankshaft position sensor! If it is bad you will not get any spark.

Where is the fuse for lighter in 2007 Buick Lacrosse?

If the 2007 is like the 2006 model, the fuse is in the fuse compartment under the hood. Number 10 location marked Power Acc. 25amp. Operates both cigarette lighter and accessory plug in console.

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Your 1998 Buick Regal wont start everything else works?

I had this same issue with my 2001 Regal. How long has it been since you have done plug/wire change? I changed mine and now starts/runs like a charm. My plugs/wires were still factory.....250000 miles.....hope this helps