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A 21 week old baby is a fully developed child that lacks the lung maturity to live outside the womb. From this point the child only needs to gain weight and lung maturity to be born if you go to a site at you can see a 21 week old fetus having surgery in the womb to correct spinol bifida and the little boy has grabbed hold of the surgeons finger. It is adorable.

Update: First verified recorded 21-week old baby survives outside the womb:

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What does a 34 week old fetus look like?

wat does a 34 week old fetus look like?

What does a nineteen week old fetus look like?

See the link below.

What does a thirty week old fetus look like?

See the Related Link below.

What does a 28 week old fetus look like?

im lactating and have bleeding for the past 5 months and look pregnant could i be pregnant

What does a seventeen week old fetus look like?

Check out this link and you can see what a fetus looks like at 16 weeks. Apparantly it can get the hiccups at this stage!

What is the normal heart rate for 5 week old fetus?

There is no clear heart beat of a five week old fetus.

What are the physical functions of a 5 week old fetus?

A five week old fetus usually has the tail. Other features are still invisible.

What does a 7 week old baby look like?

A seven week old fetus is approximately half-inch in length with small arms and legs with paddle shaped hands and feet. An image and description can be seen at the link below.

Can a 3 week old fetus be seen in an ultrasound?


Can Aspirin hurt a four-week-old fetus?

Yes, aspirin can hurt a four week old fetus. Women who are pregnant are advised not to take aspirin or ibuprofen during gestation.

What will a 9 week old all black mini jack look like?

it will look like a 9 week old black mini jack

5 week old fetus heart rate?


Can a 10 week old fetus measure 11cm?

What is a foetus???

How do you know if your 21 week old fetus died?

You have a ultrasound.

How does week old cheese look like?

it will look like bread in a toaster when it is black

Can an ultrasound tell the difference between a 4-week-old fetus and a 7-week-old fetus?

yes.That's why ultrasounds are taken. Not only to be sure the baby is growing, but it is also used to determine what stage of growth the baby is in.

What size would a 4 week old fetus be?

I have heard 2mm

What is the name for and eight week old human embryo?

Well, it seems like after the 8th week it's called a fetus, but before it's just an embryo.

What a 3 mos old fetus look like?

well kind of like a bird fetus. go here >>> (its a google searched image)

How do you kill a 2 week old fetus?

By a medical or suction abortion by a doctor.

How can a women have a 11 week old fetus in her body after giving birth?

She can't.

Can cytotec abort 3month old fetus?

No, after 9th week it has to be done by surgery.

What is the normal heart rate of a 31-week-old fetus?

about 140 beats per minute

Can you feel a baby move that's two weeks old?

A 2 week old fetus? No, you can't

What does a 3 week old fetus look like?

See the link below It's the thing in the middle of the uterus, not the round-ish thing or the tube or blob thing, but the thing inside the round-ush thing (uterus)