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What does a 240 volt plug look like?



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=== === == == It is bigger than a 120 Volt plug and has either 3 prongs laid out in a Y shape or 4 prongs to include a Ground. === === === === === === === === === === == == It has three round prongs for Live, Neutral and Earth. In some countries, it has two round prongs plus a socket for an Earth prong that is part of the socket outlet. For some sample pictures see the Related Links shown below.

=== === === === === === === === == == It has three rectangular prongs and a cartridge fuse built-in. The fuse can be changed to suit the appliance the plug is feeding, either 3 Amp, 5 Amp or 13 Amp, so it is the right size to protect the appliance.

The Earth prong is larger and longer than the other two which are for the Live and Neutral connections.

The matching socket outlet has a spring-loaded shutter, made of a non-conducting material, which covers the holes for the Live and Neutral prongs as soon as a plug is unplugged.

When a plug is inserted into a socket outlet the longer Earth prong pushes the spring-loaded shutter out of the way to allow all the prongs to enter the socket outlet. For a sample picture see the Related Link shown below.