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What does a 3 code mean on a Pontiac G5 driver information center?


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What dose trip a 3 mean on my Pontiac G5

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What is the unlock code for a pontiac g6

P1655 refers to the Powertrain Control Module fault (quad driver 2)

In a Pontiac Grand Am error code P0410 means there is an emissions problem.

The center name of the center code will be given to you by your college. This information is provided just before the exam begins.

HSC board center if center code is 0381?

The factory code for your 1997 Pontiac Grand Prix is 152 159. The unlock code for the radio is 0229.

P1399 is a misfire code for any cylinder it is a precursor to p0301,2,3,4,5,6 code which is a specific cylinder misfire p0301 being one p0302 being cylinder an so an firing order is passenger rear of engine #1 rear center#2 rear driver side#3 passenger from #4 front center#5 front driver #6 so p0305 would be a misfire in the front center cylinder... And so on and so forth

code 32 -1987-Pontiac bonevillecode 32 on 1987 Pontiac Bonneville -means-Baro sensor or circuit(carbureted models)or if(fuel injected model)means-EGR circuit

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the code for the B.A.D control center is kissmyass

Underneath your spare tire cover in the trunk is a sticker with all your vehicle information. Code should be BC/CC with a U and numbers. Good Luck.

Code 26: Evaporator Purge Circuit.

There could be a cheat code, but I don't think there is. If not, it's impossible

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I think you need the center code for that; <center> text here</center> i hope this helps :]

The airport code for Copper Center Airport is CZC.

I found the keyless entry pad code under the center console. You will need to pry the bezel trim off first. It has friction grips and will pop out. You can then remove the center console enough to find the black electronic control box. The original code is on the black box on the driver side of the console frame.

That is the Camshaft Position sensor circuit

I believe this is a Pontiac paint code

Code 43 is listed as Electronic Spark Control Circuit

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