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The 1996 VW Jetta fan relay is located under the hood on the drivers side. The legend is located in the top cover of the fuse center.

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Q: What does a 96 jetta fan relay look like?
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Where is the radiator fan relay on a Volkswagen jetta?

The Volkswagen Jetta uses an ECM instead of a stand alone fan relay. The ECM has to be changes as a single unit.

Volkswagen jetta the rad fan will not shut off?

A Volkswagen Jetta radiator fan is controlled by a fan relay. If the relay malfunctions the fan could either stay on or not work at all. An engine diagnostic would be recommended.

Where is the cooling fan relay on a 2005 VW jetta?

On top of the battery

Where is the fan relay for 2002 jetta?

it does not have a relay for the fans. they are controlled by the fan control module located underneath the driver side frame rail.

Where is radiator fan relay located in a 2000 jetta?

under the hood I guess

How do you find 2001 jetta fan relay location?

Under the. Battery box. It's a. Module

How do you check your fan relay on 2004 Malibu?

Swap the fan relay with another like relay.

Where is the fan relay for a 1997 vw vr6 jetta?

Under the coolant bin, on the right top side of the hood.

98 jetta cooling fans won't shut off?

Idk. I replaced the thermal sensor on mine I also have a 98 jetta didn't work. So it's either the fan switch or the control module fan relay.

How do you fix the Fan Relay for a 2005 Town and Country?

Before you fix the Fan Relay, look for a "RAD FAN" fuse (30 amp - orange). Normally, the computer diagnostic shows the problem is the Fan Relay, but, in my case was the Radiator Fan Fuse ($5). I waste $60 paying for the Fan Relay :-[

Where is the fan relay?

The fan relay is in the relay box next to the says fan relay on it.

Why are your fan blowers on all the time on 1996 jetta?

If you mean the radiator fan make sure the airconditioning is off. If the fan keeps running it could be a bad fanswitch (located on radiator tank. Or a failed control relay (if fitted) If still no luck check for a failed AC fan control relay.

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