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What does a Bronze Star on a full sized red white and blue ribbon mean?

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BRONZE STAR ON RED/WHITE/BLUE RIBBON For heroic or meritorious achievement of service, not involving aerial flight in connection with operations against an opposing armed force. Authorized on February 4, 1944 the Bronze Star Medal is awarded to members of all branches of military service and may be awarded either for combat heroism or for meritorious service.

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Your father had a bronze star bronze star ribbon and then a small bronze star ribbon What does that all mean?

It probably means he earned a Bronze Star Medal. The medal was awarded to the soldier in a case that included three items: A bronze Star Medal, a ribbon and maybe a metallic version of the ribbon. The Bronze Star Medal was a medal in the shape of a STAR that was bronze. It hung from a ribbon that was mainly RED with a BLUE and WHITE strip. If awarded to the soldier, the STAR would have his name engraved on the back. If the ribbon has an Oak Leaf device or a small Star device or a brass "V" attached to the ribbon, this denotes a special recognition for the award. The Oak Leaf represents a second award of the Medal. The "V" recognizes the soldier for Valor.

Bronze star on a ribbon for the coast guard?

A small bronze star on a Coast Guard ribbon indicates a subsequent award. YNCSOHV

Did Dusten Brown receive the bronze star?

No, It was a "bronze star on his lapel" which is a small star meant to be attached to a military ribbon.

What is the difference between a silver and bronze star?

one is silver and one is bronze The Silver Star Medal is a higher award for bravery than the Bronze Star Medal. The Bronze Star Medal was issued to any Infantryman who fought in combat. The Silver Star Medal is silver and has a ribbon that is prodominately blue. The Bronze Star Medal is identical in size and design except it is bronze and has a ribbon that is mainly red.

What is the difference between a Bronze Star and a Bronze Battle Star?

The Bronze Star Medal is an award presented for heroic or meritorious achievement or service not involving participation in aerial flight. The medal is suspended from a red ribbon with a narrow blue stripe down the middle of the ribbon. A Bronze BATTLE Star is worn upon the Campaign Ribbon of the Theater that the veteran served in. Each Bronze BATTLE Star indicates a campaign that the veteran participated in. When the veteran has earned five Bronze BATTLE Stars, the five are replaced by a single Silver BATTLE Star. My father served in six campaigns in the MTO & ETO, so on his ribbon there was a silver & a bronze campaign star. Richard V. Horrell WW 2

What is the difference between a bronze star and a bronze star medal?

None. Formally it is the Bronze Star Medal, but the shorthand reference is often "Bronze Star". The Medal may be awarded for valor, OR for "meritorious service". If it is awarded for valor it comes with a metal "V" device to be worn on the ribbon of the Medal, and a smaller one to be worn on the small ribbon worn when the full-sized Medal is not worn. In WWII soldiers who served overseas got a Medal and ribbon for the theater they served in - the Pacific, the China-Burma-India, or the European-African-Middle Eastern. For each campaign in which they participated while in theater, they were authorized to wear "bronze campaign stars" on the ribbon of the appropriate Medal. These were much smaller, and are often confused with the Bronze Star Medal. In 1947 the US Army decided that every man who had earned a Combat Infantryman's Badge during WWII was also entitled to the Bronze Star Medal. These awards were for "meritorious service", so, no "V" device.

What does EAME Ribbon with 1 Bronze Star mean?

The ribbon is the "Europe, Africa, Middle East" for service in that theater of operations. The one bronze star signifies that the recipient was credited with participating in one campaign in that theater.

Good Conduct Medal Placement of stars for 8 awards?

The silver star, indicating 5 subsequent awards, should be centered on the ribbon with a bronze star on either side. If on a medal the bronze stars should be above and beneath the silver star which should always be centered in the middle of the ribbon. If on the ribbon award, the bronze stars should be just to the right and left of the silver star.

Was Bronze Star authorized for all combat troops in Korean War who earned a Combat Action Ribbon?

Regulations change. During the Vietnam War, the US Army Bronze Star could be awarded for MERITORIUS Achievement or Heroism. If for heroism, the Bronze Star ribbon portion had a letter "V" attached, denoting "Valor."

How does the recipient of both a Bronze star with V device and a Bronze Star for merit display the ribbon on the dress uniform?

The "V" device is worn on the left side of the ribbon (as you look at it), with an oak leaf cluster on the right hand side [ V @ ]

How many bronze stars are allowed on a navy ribbon?

up to 4, if five then star is silver in color. 1 silver star equals 5 bronze stars

What is ETO ribbon with 4 bronze stars?

Each Bronze Star represents a separate campaign (battle) they were part of. Four Bronze Stars four seperates campaigns.

What do you wear on a ribbon if you have eight awards of the same medal?

Depending on what the ribbon is for specifically, either one silver and two bronze oak leaf clusters, or one silver and two bronze star devices.

What is the meaning of a bronze star on a national defense ribbon?

It means the person received a second award.

What size bronze star goes on any USMC ribbon?

The correct size of the bronze star attachment according to MCO P1020.34G W/CH 1-5 is 3/16 inch.

Why is the rectangle that the ribbon passes through on a Bronze Star sometimes broken or split at the top?

The split is designed to allow the ribbon to be replaced easily if it should become dirty.

What of type star is earth sized?

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What does 5 bronze stars look like?

(Reference the military award) When first awarded, the Bronze Star is a five-pointed star, bronze colored, on a mostly red ribbon. When worn thereafter, it's just a snippet of the red ribbon, which tiny metal pieces on it indicating subsequent awards, so "5 bronze stars" would be one red ribbon with four little metal tokens on it (and possibly a "V for valor" device if the award was for heroism rather than achievement).

Why would you receive three bronze stars during World War 2?

There are two different types of "bronze star" awards that can be listed in Army records.On the Army campaign ribbon, small bronze stars are affixed to indicate campaign participation. For example, a soldier who participated in three campaigns would have three bronze stars on his campaign ribbon.There is a medal called bronze star, awarded for either performance or valor in combat.Three bronze star medals in a war are more likely campaign stars than separate medals.

What does a World War ll Bronze star Medal look like?

The Bronze Star Medal is in the shape of a 5-pointed star, with the distance from one point across to the other is about 1.5 inches. The star is formed in relief with some rays along each arm and in the center is another tiny 5-pointed star.The ribbon is RED with a thin WHITE edge and has a BLUE stripe down the center also with a thin White edge.The Silver Star Medal is very similar but, of course, it is formed from a silver medal such as nickel alloy. It has a ribbon that is primarily BLUE. The Silver Star Medal is a higher award for bravery in combat.Custermen

Is a white dwarf the youngest star?

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What is the difference between the bronze star service medal in World War 2 and a Bronze Star?

The Bronze Star Medal could be awarded for either "meritorious service" or for "valor". If the award was for valor, the Medal was awarded with a bronze "V device" to be worn on the ribbon of the Medal. After the war was over the Army decided that every WWII veteran was entitled to the Bronze Star Medal, but the award was for "meritorious service", not "valor", so no "V device".

What us army ribbon is NDSMB?

It is the 2nd award for the National Defense Service Medal. Bronze Star device that is attached.

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