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What does a Byronic Character mean?

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Generally it is a male protagonist of upper status who is still chronically melancholy and forever searching for meaning in his life.

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A character looked upon as a romantic hero, named after the poet Lord Byron

The Byronic hero is an idealised but flawed character. Mysterious, Cunning, Charismatic., Seductive, Sexy, Bipolar, Moody, Cynical, Self-Destructive, Outcast these are the must straights to be a Byronic Hero. Does any of them sound like the Phantom of the Opera? They do to me.

Michael Jackson is heroic, but, with at least one fatal flaw, hence, Byronic.

Michael Jackson is heroic, but, with at least one fatal flaw, hence, Byronic.

Initially Yes, however you have to admit that the character undergoes significant change that by the enc of the story removes him from this category.

Byronic Hero, is a male who flawed by either by his appearance or his ideals or both, he is not perfect, yet he is a genius, suave, mysterious.

A byronic hero is someone who is implacable in revenge, but is also very capable of deep and strong affection At many time they acted like Lord Byron as in they were melancholy and Rebellious

Stock characters of Gothic Literature are tyrants, villains, Byronic heroes, maidens, nuns, werewolf, monster's, demons, the devil himself, etc... You can expect the main character to be sad, or have some type of madness, or a hereditary curse.

Nice Girls Crew - 2012 The Byronic Hero 1-3 was released on: USA: 10 March 2012

What does character value mean?

mean character means being rude to others.


Yes, mean is one of many character traits.

a conversation of a character

Byronic heroes are by definition idealized characters who are inherently flawed. I'd say Gatsby fits this description pretty well; Gatsby is viewed as a mysterious and charismatic personality by the upper class society, but he is in reality, obsessive and even destructive about his love for Daisy. His obsession is so strong that it eventually leads to his death. Gatsby is also involved in some shady business, which also adds more flaws to his surface idealistic character.

It depends on what you mean. If you mean your profile character, then yes.

He is arrogant, smart, isolates himself from society, and comes to self - destruction

The vampire and madwomen in the attic and the Byronic hero.

A character description is all details of a character.

Do you mean the fat character? If you do mean fatthen the answer is Piggy. If you mean flat then I haven't got a clue, I don't recall a 'flat' character.

When you develop your attitude, your character.

its in that one book called i think Jane Eyre

His character was cruel, mean, lovey dovey.

"In character" means that you remain true to the character you have chosen, or who you are supposed to be. It can be dressing in the right clothing for an acting character, or it can mean dressing to fit your personality or the person you're supposed to be.

character means like what characters are in the book and who are they

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