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What are some of the different models of the Cessna airplane?

Some of the different models of the Cessa airplane are; Cessna 400, Cessna 510, Cessna 525, Cessna 560XL, Cessna 680, and Cessna 750. Each different Cessna plane varies in size, purpose, and capability.

What is the synonym for Cessna?

There isn't a synonym for Cessna... Cessna has always been Cessna, has not operated under any other names, and has always operated independently of parent companies which had bought it out (General Dynamics from 1985 to 1992, and Textron from 1992 to present). Only two products from another company are manufactured under the Cessna name - the Columbia 350 (as the Cessna 350) and the Columbia 400 (as the Cessna 400). Cessna is Cessna... nothing else is.

How much money does a plane cost?

This depends on what aircraft we are looking at. If you are looking at Cessna 152 you can buy those for around $100,000.00. However, if you are looking at a Boeing 747-400 those are over 250,000,000.00.

How many hours does it take a plane to travel 6751 miles?

That's really going to have something to do with how fast the plane is flying. If the plane is a Boeing 737 covering ground at 400 mph, then (6,751 / 400) = 16.88 hours of flying time, not counting refueling stops. If the plane is a Cessna 172 covering ground at 120 mph, then (6,751 / 120) = 56.26 hours of flying time, not counting refueling and pit stops.

A tennis ball is dropped from the ceiling of an airplane that is cruising at a constant velocity of 400 milehour would look like what to someone looking from outside the plane?

If the person outside the plane managed to move along with the plane, at 400 mph, the ball would appear to fall vertically. At lower speeds, the plane and ball would be in sight for a short period of time and the ball would appear to move horizontally with the plane.

What is Fastest single engine piston civil aircraft?

Cessna claims that the fastest single engine piston general aviation aircraft currently in production is the Cessna Corvalis, also known as the Cessna 400. It has a listed maximum cruise speed of 235 knots, which is 270 mph. (Cessna website.)

What does four hundredths look like?


How many people are currently employed at Cessna?

As of April 2014 Cessna employed around 5, 400 employees. This is before Textron the parent company of Cessna bought Beechcraft, to form Textron Aviation. Beechcraft employed around 3, 500.

What is 400 polygon?

It is a plane figure bounded by 400 straight lines.

Name of plane from movie snakes on a plane?

Boeing 747-400.

What is does 400 sq ft look like in inches?

400 square feet equals 57,600 square inches.

What does a 2004 Suzuki ltz 400 look like?

I added a pic

What does 400m look like?

400 meters is 1/4 mile.

Given plane A and point C which is not on plane A How many lines can be drawn through point C that are perpendicular to plane A?


What is the fastest commercial plane?

Boeing 747-400

How far by plane from Sacramento to lax?

about 400 miles

How much do plane tickets cost for Chicago to Florida?


How much is a plane ticket from Pennsylvania to CAlifornia?

it is 400 dollars

What did lacrosse equipment look like 400 years ago?

nothing it didn't exist.

What does 0.4 million look like in form?

0.4 million is 400,000 (400 thousand).

What does 300 meters look like on a 400 meter track?

3 sides of the track

What is the Flight time from Fiji to LA?

By Plane: 747-400: 10Hours

How much does a plane ticket cost to haiti?

My dad went and it cost about $400.

How fast was a plane flaying if it traveled 400 km in 30 min?


What is does 400 sq ft look like?

If you are talking house wise...400 sq is incredibly small...most likely a one floor house. One room probably.

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