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It all depends on the place but manly you just keep track of who paid what and not paid money for new supply's and stuff like its its easy. I'm one for ROTC in Wando high school its fun and easy if you are good at math. P.S. make sure to keep up with it though or you'll well get far behind and get yelled at check it alot. hope this helps :D good luck

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Q: What does a Financial representative do?
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What is the role of a financial services representative?

The role of a Financial Service Representative is to help sell investment products to the institution's clients. A Financial Representative role consists of financial planning advice and the sale of financial products. Depending on what Company you work for a Financial Representatives responsibilities may vary.

How do you get Primerica auto insurance?

Contact your local Primerica Financial Services Representative.

How much does a Financial Services Representative at first citizen bank make?

1 million

How can I get a personal financial statement?

These days it is very easy to access your financial statement. You can either download them straight from your computer or call up a bank representative and have the mail you a copy.

When you meet with a representative of the financial aid department during a college visit what questions should you ask?

Presumably you would ask what financial aid is available, and who is qualified to receive it.

What is the role of customer care rep?

Customer Care Representative has a great role since the financial and operational activities can be affected if Customer Care Representative do not behave properly. -By Rasbin Rijal

What is a doorstep loan and how can you apply for a doorstep loan?

"Doorstep loans are loans that are repaid to a financial representative that collects by coming to your home each week. This is opposed to sending a payment to a financial institution. In order to apply for a doorstep loan, you must first find a financial institution that offers this highly specialized loan. Then, you fill out an application and wait for a representative to contact you with further information."

What services does Eastern Financial offer to clients?

Eastern Financial offers many services including a representative, programs that fix rate loans, flexibility, availability, performance, cost and professionalism.

What jobs intended for BSBA Financial management graduate her in the Philippines?

call center agent, or customer service representative-financial account..good pay for entry level, and you get to practice what you''ve learn in school, also administrative in banks or financial companies...

How do you contact prudential financial demute kba ny?

Call Prudential at 1-800-778-2255 and request to speak to a representative. The representative can connect you with the department that can assist with identifying the policy. You must have the insured's name, SSN or DOB for them to be able to look up the policy.

Where can I find information on school financial aid?

Go to the university's official website. Look for a tab labeled "financial aid" or run a search. Every school provides information on their financial aid program online. If you have any further questions, contact a representative.

A market in which an investor purchases financial securities via an investment bank or other representative from the issuer of those securities is?

Primary market

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