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What does a Gemini tattoo mean?

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Gemini Tattoo Symbol - Gemini, the twins, the third sign of the ZODIAC (May 21 - June 20), is generally the symbol of duality and also human contact. Some zodiacs employ the image of two children holding hands while others use as a man and a woman or even, in the case of a Coptic Zodiac, as a pair of lovers. Positive traits ascribed to those born under this sign traditionally include intelligence and skill at communication with negative traits including inconsistency and a tendency toward gossip.

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What does the zodiac sign Gemini mean?

The Gemini sign is of twins.

What is symbolic about roman numeral 2 tattoo on right wrist Not gemini symbol though?

Roman numerals are only of significance to the bearer of the tattoo, as are all tattoos.

What does Gemini mean?

the twins

Does Gemini in Latin mean twins?

Yes, Gemini is Latin meaning "twins".

Does an infinity tattoo mean you are gay?

No, an infinity tattoo does not mean you are gay.

What dose the zodiac sign Gemini mean?

In zodiac sign gemini means the twin

Do Aries and Gemini get on?

If you mean by compatibility?.. Then yes. Gemini and Aries are a very good match.

What does a pink diamond tattoo mean?

a pink diamond tattoo mean love.

Does the cherry tattoo mean that your gay?

No. A cherry tattoo does not mean a person is gay.

What does the five star tattoo mean?

what dose star tattoo mean on shoulders

What tattoo mean new beginning?

a dragonfly tattoo.

What does a nautical star tattoo on each arm mean?

What does the nautical star tattoo mean

What does the Gemini sign mean and the color or birthstone?

Gemini people are highly intellectual in nature. Geminians behave as per the charactersticts of their sign. Gemini people are funny and attractive. Yellow is the lucky colours for Gemini and Turquoise and Emerald are the lucky gemstone for Gemini .

What does a pegasus tattoo mean?

When people get a tattoo, there is often meaning and remberance attached to the tattoo. The meaning of a pegasus tattoo is that of loyalty.

What does a tattoo around the whole neck mean?

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What does Vladimir Tod's tattoo mean?

His tattoo is his vampiric name

What does Sergio busquets tattoo mean?

The tattoo is dedicated to his grandfather.

What does a tattoo stare mean?

Are you sure you don't mean Tattoo Store?If you do - a place where Tattoos are given.

I read sometimes that being a Gemini you have a birth twin why?

Twin is just the symbol for Gemini but it doesn't mean that when a person born under Gemini you will have a twin sister or brother.

Does being a Gemini mean you have a twin?

No. Gemini was associated with the myth of Castor and Pollux (twins), collectively known as the Dioscuri.

What does a boot print tattoo mean?

It may mean the person sporting the tattoo may be a Bootblack or into Boots.

What does a star tattoo on a girls wrist mean?

no idea what they want tattoo

What does Kiro Cullen's tattoo mean?

Yes...... he has a tattoo behind his neck

What does raccoon face tattoo mean?

The person with the tattoo likes raccoons?

Does Gemini have a twin?

The sign of Gemini is also called "The Twins" as outlined by the constellation. It does not mean that if one is born under the sign of Gemini, that there is another sign involved or that you have an Earthly twin.