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Looks like a Winchester saddle rifle--lever & hammer


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Send me your email & I'll send you a scan of the Ithaca model 51 exploded view & bolt buffer.

your Ithaca model 37 is made in 1966 look on WWW.SURPLUSRIFLEFORUM.COM look for in the "search engine" on that web site type in ITHACA 37 DOM there you'll find the Serial Number chart

easy Look on the barrel it should say if it a Model 37 , or Model 37 Featherweight, but the main Point is it should be on the barrel what Model it is

a rifle looks like a pistol but longer and fatter

I think what you have is a model 49. Get out the magnifying glass and take another look.

I assume you mean a Savage Model 170 rifle. The link below will take you to a website with photos of a Savage 170.

S-130 is a type of rear sight used on Mossberg rifles- but not the model of the rifle. Take a look on the barrel.

Not much to go on. I would guess you have an Ithaca Model 49 rifle. Is it a single shot that looks like a Winchester Model 94? These rifles were made from 1961 to 1979. I'm not sure where to have you look for the serial number, but even if you found it I am not aware of any listings of serial numbers that would be able to tell you in what year your gun was made.

I don't for sure but ithing it's from 1978. Try going to , it list guns made by ithaca. Look under model 37 all grades gun. I hope this helps

The Mauser es340b was a single shot .22 long rifle. It was made too look and feel like a Mauser 98K. It is not a sniper rifle. It is a target rifle.

it looks like a rifle with a horse on the end

looks like a koala with a rifle

Probably from about $125 - $175. You can look on .the auction site and see what they are selling for.

go to a sight ==New Answer == Or look on I have seen these barrels there frequently.

It all depends on the model and type of rifle. State the model and ask the queston again. Or go to and look up the instruction manual. Crosman has them all posted

look on the Side of the recevier there should be a Serial Number on the older Ithaca Model 37 the serial Number was stamped on the receiver by the magazine tune and Barrel . also if you take the barrel off on the bottom of the barrel you'll find the matching serial Number. then look up WWW.SURPLUSRIFLEFORUM.COM in their search engine type in ITHACA 37 DOM match your shotguns Serial number up with their chart .

depends on the year and manufacture date of your gun . also do all the parts match by serial Number you should find the serial Number on side of the receiver (on newer Ithaca) older style Ithaca the serial Number will be on the Recevier (Between the magazine tube and barrel) then look up WWW.SURPLUSRIFLEFORUM.COM on their site look up on their Search engine type in "ITHACA 37 DOM" there you'll find the serial list number

Go to and look for the manual.

Go to and look at the Winchester sn data.

go to: and look up Winchester model 61 rifles and note there selling price and condition...............

They look like ladders.

go to: or look up Winchester rifles and look for model '73 and see what they are selling for.............

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