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What does a Japanese temple symbolize?

What does a church symbolize?

What does a synagogue symbolize?

What does a mosque symbolize?

What does a any of them symbolize?

a place to get in touch with whatever you believe in.

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What does the giraffe symbolize in Japan?

It does not symbolize anything in particular, being an African, not a Japanese, animal.

In Japanese culture what does the turtle symbolize?

The turtle symbolizes longevity in Japanese culture.

What do the colors on the Japanese flag symbolize?

the red colour in the Japanese flag represents the sun.

What Japanese tattoos symbolize children?

Japanese tattoos of Koi can symbolize children. In Japan the have a special celebration called Children's Day in which they raise koi flags. Another tattoo would be of the Japanese kanji for children.

How do you say temple in Japanese?

In Japanese, due to their history and culture, there are many different words for many different temples, but general word for temple would be 寺院 (ji in), and 寺 (de ra) is Japanese for a Buddhist temple.

What does a Japanese waves tattoo symbolize?

What does a Japanese waves tattoo symbolize?"The Waves symbolise one of the strongest forces on earth, getting a Japanese wave tattoo helps us fight the other bad forces that exist

What does a Japanese Coi tattoo symbolize?


What does a dragon symbolize to Japanese people?

to me the dragon is a symbol of peace.

What does the Japanese word clarity symbolize?

"Clarity" is not a Japanese word, but the English to Japanese translation for "clarity" is 明瞭さ (meiryousa).

What does a Japanese fan tattoo symbolize?

A tattoo of a Japanese fan would symbolise a wish for unlimited success.

What does the owl symbolize in Japanese culture?

In modern Japanese culture, the owl or 'Fukuro' symbolizes good luck and happiness.

What does the octopus symbolize in Japanese tattoo?

smart as to change for many situations

What does a crane symbolize in Japanese culture?

An:PeaceHealth, happiness, recovery

What do the candles on the menorah mean?

they symbolize the number of days which the Temple candelabrum burned miraculously.

What does a Japanese quail symbolize?

The Japanese quail is usually a good sign. The Japanese quails symbolically communicate that a good or a friendly person is just about to visit.

Symbolism in Japanese art?

There are many things that are used as symbols in Japanese art. Cranes for example are used to symbolize beauty.

How do you pronounce temple in Japanese?

神社 Jinja is Shinto shrine 寺 otera is Buddhist temple

What do dragonflies symbolize?

In Japanese culture it symbolizes strength, happiness, and also courage.

What does the baked meat bone symbolize in passover?

It symbolizes the Korban Pesach - the sheep that was sacrificed in the Temple.

What is the symbolism of the Japanese water lily?

A Japanese water lily symbolizes beauty and enlightenment. The Japanese water lily also is known to symbolize ceremonial practices and culture.

What does miyah mean?

miyah is my daughters name and its Japanese for temple

What does a meat bone symbolize in the Passover?

It symbolizes the Korban Pesach - the Sheep sacrifice that was brought at the time of the Temple.

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