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What does a Jeweled Squid eat?

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seaweed and jellyfish.

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Can a jeweled squid lay eggs?


How large is the jeweled squid?

$400$baby chi ching

What is the scientific name for a jeweled squid?

Histioteuthis Bonellii (I think)

Is the jeweled squid a new species?

no, it is not a new specie. It has been in the water since 1900.( Scientists think)

What does i can not eat the squid?

It not eat is like a squid

What do jeweled top snails eat?


What do glass squid eat?

what do glass squid eat

What eat giant squid?

Giant squid eat there own kind (giant squid!)

Do squid eat seaweed?

No. Squid eat fish primarily.

How often does a squid eat?

How much and how often does a squid eat

Do squid eat crustaceans?

Most squid will eat crustaceans.

What does giant squid eat?

Giant Squid most likely eat fish and other squid.

Will a squid eat an other squid?

It depends on the species of squid. Most squid eat fish, larger species like the giant squid have the potential to eat larger marine mammals. The humbolt squid however, are very aggressive and sometimes have been known to attack and eat other squid.

What kind of squid do penguins eat?

Penguins eat many different types of squid, fish, and small sea animals. Some of the squid they eat includes arrow squid and glacial squid. They generally eat small squids.

Does fish eat squid?

Most fish are too small to eat squid. Sharks can go for squid.

Does squid eat crab?

Yes, squid do eat crab. They also eat plankton

What are the tiny fish that squid eat?

Small squid eat shrimp.

What sea animal eat squid?

a squid eat a fish and shrimp

What kinds of squid do beluga whales eat?

They don't eat squid.

What kind of fish do squid eat?

Squid eat angelfish and some eat clown fish.

What are the types of plant plankton called that squid eat?

Squid eat phytoplankton.

What animals eat the giant squid?

Sperm whales eat the Giant Squid

Can a giant squid eat adult whales?

no they are to big they will eat the giant squid.

Do squid eat herring?

yes they also eat mackeral cod and small squid yes they also eat mackeral cod and small squid

Do hourglass dolphins eat giant squid?

Yes because if you ask what they eat it would say squid so yes they do eat giant squid

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