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berries grass nuts leaves and other plants

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What does mule deers eat?

Mule deer eat plants its a herbivore

What does mule deer eat?

Mule deer are herbivores, so they eat stuff like grass, bushes, and shrubs.

Do mule deer hunt in day or night?

Mule deer are herbivores. They eat grass. They do not hunt other animals.

What does the mule deer eat and what eats the mule deer?

Mule deers are herbivores. They eat berries and plants. That includes things like blackberries, huckleberries and redwood sorrel. In the winter, they also eat dogwood, juniper and sage. Coyotes eat mule deer. So do cougars, bear, eagles, Wolf, and banana slugs.

What eats a mule deer?

They eat people.

What do Mule deer eat?

mostly grass

Is an mule deer an omnivore?

No. Mule deer are herbivores. They eat plant matter. A racoon would be an omnivore. Omnivores eat meat, plants and fish.

What do mountainlions eat?

I think they eat meat and Mule deer

What do mule deer eat in winter?

Yes, they do eat in the winter.

What animals eat mesquite trees?

mule deer

Do mountain lions eat mule deer?

Yes, they do.

Does a rattlesnake eat a mule deer?

No, a deer is much too large for a rattlesnake to swallow.

Are the deer in Utah Mule deer or Whitetails?

Mule deer dumbazz

What does a mule deer not eat?

meat and substance that is non cooked

Are mule deer carnivores?

Mule deer are herbivores

What does a mule eat?

it eats deer I am pretty sure (make that 100% sure) that they DO NOT eat deer, they eat hay and stuff...what horses eat I guess.

What Is A Mule Deer Called?

a mule deer is called a buck or just a deer

How do Mule deer shelter?

What kind of shelter do mule deer have?

Are mule deer carnivores or herbivores?

Mule deer are herbivores

How do mule deer catch their food?

how does mule deer catch it prey

Are mule deer endangered or at risk?

No. Mule deer are not endangered or at risk.

Do mule deer eat elderberry bushes?

Yes, they can eat elderberry bushes because they are herbivores

What speed does a mule deer run?

I think a mule deer can run 35mph.

Are MULE DEER omnivores?

no like all deer, mule deers are herbivores

Is the mule deer a herbivore carnivore or omnivore?

a mule deer is a herbivore.a herbivore

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