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Q: What does a Poison ivy tattoo symbolize?
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Can you get poison ivy from swimming with someone who has poison ivy?

No, poison ivy is not contagious.

If poison ivy gets on honeysuckles and you drink the honey will you get poison ivy?

No, you will not get poison ivy.

What is the tagalog of poison ivy?

poison ivy

Who is Poison Ivy's boyfriend?

Poison Ivy has no boyfriend.

Can babies get poison ivy?

Anyone can get Poison Ivy if you are allergic to it.

How can poison ivy kill you?

Having poison ivy will not kill you.

How do Poison Ivy reproduce?

if there is a woman posion ivy and a man poison ivy then they get together, have luch and at the end of the night make a baby poison ivy.

What happens when you eat poison ivy?

Bad things happen. Don't eat poison ivy.

What is ivy leaf?

Ivy leaf is poison ivy. Poison ivy is a leaf that gives you a bad itchy rash.

Does poison Ivy grow in Germany?

No, poison ivy does not grow in Europe

How long before you know you have poison ivy?

poison ivy is a plant....

Is there poison ivy in haiti?

No it is too hot for poison ivy to survive there

Can you use permethrin cream for poison ivy?

What can i use for poison ivy

What if your poison ivy bubble is big?

If the poison ivy bubble is big it is not poison ivy but rather poison oak the same remities apply for ridding yourself of it

What plant has poison in it?

poison ivy

How poison ivy kiss you?

they poison you

Does poison ivy have seeds?

Poison ivy has red berries, seeds inside.

Does poison ivy hurt other plants?

no i don't think poison ivy can

Is poison ivy poisonus?

Of course it is! Why else would they call it "poison" ivy?

What is 'poison ivy' in Latin?

Toxicodendron radicans is a Latin name for 'poison ivy'.

What does a poison ivy scar look like?

show scaring of poison ivy

What is Poison Ivy's birthday?

Poison Ivy was born on February 20, 1953.

When was Poison Ivy born?

Poison Ivy was born on February 20, 1953.

Does poison ivy grow in North Carolina?

North Carolina has poison ivy as well as poison oak.

Why are you prescribed Prednisone for poison ivy or oak?

i have poison ivy on ym arm so is ethier a bug bite or poison ivy that ai have on my arm