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After first veiwing this tattoo in Tattoo Charlies on the Baltimore Block some 40 years ago I have made a great effort to look back at this cool but spooky tattoo.While sailing in the US Mechant Marines I met a Bosun who had this picture tattooed on his entire back. He had it done in Japan and drank 2 fifths of scotch while a girl applied the ink. Back to the meaning: 1) A soul lost in the sea of life(sin) with no other hope left except to cling to the Rock of Ages (the Cross of Christ) as the only comfort in a life that has been swallowed up. This is the meaning that most believe. 2) A wife morns at the gravestone of her husband who died at sea and the only remembrance is the large tomb stone or Rock that pushes out of the raging sea. Most pictures show the sinking ship in the backround. Anyway you look at it this is a heavy picture that has held my thoughts for almost half a centery. If you really want to get into it buy a copy of Don Ed Hardy's book "Rock of Ages". He really gets into it with both history and pictures. The book is coastly but well worth it. "Enjoy" Joe Kopeck / Parkville,MD

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Q: What does a Rock of Ages tattoo symbolize?
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