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Presumably the question concerned a PAIR of linear equations!

The answer is two straight lines intersecting at the point whose coordinates are the unique solution.

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Do all rational equations have a single solution?

Not all rational equations have a single solution but can have more than one because of having polynomials. All rational equations do have solutions that cannot fulfill the answer.

Can you use graphically in a sentence?

I am having a bit of trouble describing the scene more graphically than that. Comic books are graphically enhanced stories. How slow is the iMac 27" compared to the iMac 32" graphically?

What is subsituton method?

Its a method used to find out the common solution of a pair of linear equations in two variables. For it, just make the coefficients of any one term and if the coefficients are having same signs, subtract both and if they are having different signs, add them up.

A solution having a high amount of the solute?

This solution is a concentrated (in solute) solution.

How many times a solution of pH 1 will be stronger than that of a solution having pH 2?

how many times a solution of ph 1 will be stronger than that of a solution having ph 2

What is an infinite solution?

The equation or a system of equations having infinite solutions is called identity/identities. (a+b)^2=a^2+2ab+b^2 is an identity. It has infinite solutions. The equation is true for all values of a and b.

Is an aqueous solution a system having a uniform composition and appearance?

Yes, an aqueous solution is a system having a uniform composition and appearance. If the solution is saturated, only the solution above the solid material will be uniform.

What relationship do quadratics and polynomials have?

In algebra polynomials are the equations which can have any number of higher power. Quadratic equations are a type of Polynomials having 2 as the highest power.

Do Equations Having More Than One Variable?

Equations can have as many variables as you want, however to solve an equation you need as many equations as there are unknowns. E.g. in an equation with x & y as the unknowns you would need two different equations containing x and/or y to solve them

An acidic solution having a pH of 2 is how many times more acidic than a solution of pH6?

Each number is a tenfold increase, so a solution having a pH of 2 is 10,000 times (or 10^4) more acidic than a solution having a pH of 6.

What are the steps for multi step equations?

im not super sure either im having troubles.

What is meant by Isotonic glucose solution solution?

This is a solution having an osmotic pressure identical with the pressure inside the cells of the human body.

What is the solution of equation y equals x plus 9 because I'm having trouble with Linear Equations?

There are an infinite number of solutions eg: (x = 1 y = 10). For every unit increase or decrease in x there is a corresponding unit change in y.

What is the role of a delegate?

They represent their states and discus issues their states are having

What term is descriptive of the solution with the higher solute concentration?

The solution having higher solute concentration is called solution with high osmotic pressure.

What is good about having a president?

the good thing about having a president is having someone to lead for you and represent the whole country instead of each and every single one of the citizens having to

What are Examples of hypertonic solution?

A hypertonic solution means a solution having more solute and less water than another solution. Examples are: corn syrup and saline and glucose solutions.

Is 2x-y equals 15 and 2x plus 3y equals -21 consistent or inconsistent?

2x - y = 15 2x + 3y = -21 As you observe both equations (having different slopes), you see that the system is consistent, and it has only one solution.

What is a control solution in a chemistry lab?

This is a solution with known concentration of an element, compound, having a certified measured property.

What is the pH for bohrium?

Bohrium is a metal not a solution having a pH.

How can you start with one multiplication equation and and then write seven other equations?

Add the same number to both sides of your equation. By choosing different numbers, you can obtain as many equations as you like - each of them equivalent to the original equation, i.e., having the same solution set. As an alternative, and to get a bit more variety, you can subtract, multiply, or divide both sides by the same number (which may not be zero in the case of a multiplication or division).

Why do chemicals have symbols?

To represent itself (such as you having a name). Also just to refer to it

What equations describs a hyperbola?

Ax2 - By2 + Cx + Dy + Exy + F = 0 with A and B having opposite signs

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