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Baby blue jays are slightly blue with a mix of white in their winter molting season, and become completely blue next summer.

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What does Blue jay look like?

a blue jay bird is blue and white( or brown) and its REALLY beautiful!!!!!!!!!

What is a baby blue jay called?

A baby Blue jay is called a hatchling or scrub. They baby Blue jay is taken care of by its mother for 8 to 12 days after birth.A baby blue jay is called a hatchling.

How big is a baby blue jay?

the baby blue jay is as tall as an adults middle finger

What do scrub Jays look like?

scrub jays look like a pale blue. similar to a blue jay.

What does a blue jay look like?

a pretty blue with black stripes :P

How do you tell the age of a baby blue jay?

There are a few ways to tell the age of a baby blue jay. The best is to ask a vet.

What does blue jay eggs look like?

A light grey, with darker speckles. The link below will take you to a photo of Blue jay eggs.

How much does a blue jay eat?

a baby blue jay eats 2-3 worms.

What does the bird blue jay look like?

yook it up on google images it has it.

What does a female blue jay look like?

A female blue jay looks like a male blue jay, although she is slightly smaller in size with a white belly and black wing markings. Both sexes have tall head crests that are raised when they are excited.

What is the color of a baby blue jay?

grayish and blue may have some white

Do Blue Jays make good pets?

it depends. if you find an older blue jay, then no. it wont get to know you cause it is old. if you find a blue jay EGG, and it hatches, you can care for it and it will like you. so old blue jays, NO. baby blue jays, YES.

How do you feed a baby blue jay?

If a mother bird has abandoned its baby bird, it is important to feed it and keep it healthy. A baby blue jay can be fed by a dropper full of a diet mix found at pet stores.

What is jay z baby name?

Jay Z's daughter's name is Blue Ivy Carter.

What is a blue jay invertebrate or a vertebrate?

Birds like the Blue Jay have a backbone and are called vertebrates.

What does a jay bird look like?

It depends on the species. Jays are the smallest members of the family Corvidae, which includes ravens and crows. Some jays are very colorful, like the blue jay and scrub jay, while others, like the Canada jay, are more cryptic in coloration.

Who is Beyonce's husband?

Jay-z is her husband and they have a beautiful baby Blue Ivy

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