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small plants and animals, preferring berries, insects, and worms

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What can a baby turtle eat?

It can eat cake

Will an adult turtle eat a baby turtle?

they will not eat them once they have hatched but are knowed to eat another turtle's eggs

Can a baby snapping turtle eat ham?

Yes a baby turtle can eat ham. My turtle would not eat and I just thought hey, will he eat ham. I gave him a piece and he tore into it like it was a fish. at least he ate :) So yes they will eat it

Do baby turtle eat shrimp?


Can a baby turtle eat veggies?


What does a three toed boxing turtle eat?

it eats insects ofany kind,and may eat grass when its sick

Can asnapping turtle eat a snapping turtle?

Yes. Adult snapping turtles will eat baby snapping turtles.

Will your big turtle eat your baby turtle?

Im not sure aboutr this but i think the big turtle doesnt eat the smaal one unless they fight.

A paint turtle to eat a baby toad?

yes, i personally have tried it and my turtle loved it

Can you but a male beta with a small turtle?

no!! if the turtle is a baby then sure you can!! but once it starts to grow the turtle will eat the betta!!

Does baby turtle eat parrot fish?

A baby turtle will typically eat any food the size of its head or smaller. Any bigger than that, and it might not be interested.

Why don't my baby turtle eat?

because they are baby and a coupel day later they will

What is a predator of a Sea Turtle?

A shark can eat an adult sea turtle. There are lots of fish that can eat baby sea turtles.

Do turtle eat baby birds?

some times an adult turtle will eat a small bay bird that fell out of its nest

What does a baby alligator snapping turtle eat?

An alligator snapping turtle would eat mostly small fish, and raw meat.

Can a baby snapping turtle eat fish food?

Yes baby snapping turles can :)

Do hawks eat baby turtles?

If they are sea baby turtle going to the ocean the yes

Can a sea snake eat a baby sea turtle?

yes they can

Does a green baby turtle eat daily?


Can a seagull eat a baby turtle?

Yes, seagulls eat many baby turtles while they crawl from their eggs to the water.

What do you do when your baby turtle doesn't eat?

you should kill it because it isn't going to eat

Can baby red eared sliders eat cucumbers?

Yes they can. They are very healthy for a turtle. A turtle can eat alot of different fruits. And vegtables..

What is the relationship between seagull and turtle?

It's not a friendly one; seagulls eat turtle eggs and baby turtles.

What do baby water turtles eat?

They can eat very small strips of lettuce and carrots but they have to be really small for the baby turtle won't chock on it

Do eastern boxing turtle dig?

no they do not dig.

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