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There aren't any universal meanings for tattoo symbols. Check out tattoo symbolism here: But remember, sometimes a rose is just a rose. It doesn't mean or symbolize anything!

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Q: What does a bearded fighting fish tattoo symbolize?
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What does a fishbone tattoo symbolize?

A fish bone tattoo symbolizes high status. The fish bone tattoo was popular among Native American tribes to symbolize their ranking.

What does a fish tattoo symbolize?

Flow and harmony

What does a fighting fish symbolize?

Courage, Respect and The Contemplantive Life

What does a Siamese fighting fish symbolize?

Beautiful Warrior ( Fighter )

What does a blue koi fish tattoo mean?

A koi fish tattoo can have many meanings. It can symbolize bravery, romance, strength, power, luck, and friendship. A blue koi fish symbolizes calmness, and peace.

What does a bamboo and koi fish tattoo symbolize?

Koi fish is a good luck symbol Patricia McLean Hamilton, ON Canada

What does a tattoo of a fighter fish mean?

The most common Asian style fish that people get tattoos of are the Koi fish. Koi fish tattoos symbolize good fortune.

What tattoos symbolize determination?

The Japanese koi fish is a symbolizes determination and courage. They make a great tattoo

What does the sun on the forehead of a koi fish tattoo symbolize?

It symbolizes your heritage, your culuture, and the background that you once or still come from

What do Siamese fighting fish symbolize in Asian culture?

It symbolizes the grace, beauty, strength, and determination of the culture.

What does a koi fish tattoo sym bolize?

It can symbolize life in any form. Life, long life, miracle life, etc.

What do the colors on a koi fish symbolize?

What do the colors on a koi fish symbolize

Which tattoos symbolize courage?

A symbol that depicts the sign of courage in a tattoo is a koi fish, a skull and the lion. As with all tattoos the colors have a lot to play in the meaning as well as the direction the tattoo is facing or going.

What is the meaning of a betta fish tattoo?

A betta fish tatto would be a tattoo of a betta fish.

Do fighting fish fight normal fish?

Fighting fish will fight and KILL non-fighting fish.

Who will win a female fighting fish or a male fighting fish?

a male fighting fish.

Would fighting fish fight with platys?

No, fighting fish (Bettas) are only interested in fighting with other fighting fish.

Can female fighting fish mate with another fighting fish?

Of course they can. How else would we have fighting fish.

How do you tattoo a fish?

you go to the tattoo shop and get it tatted.

Do bearded dragon eat fish?

Though I have never personally attempted to try to feed one fish, fish are not part of the natural foods for bearded dragons in the wild. I wouldn't give fish to one.

What is the scientific name for Japanese fighting fish?

'Japanese fighting fish' 'Chinese fighting fish' 'Siamese fighting fish' and 'Betta' are all names given to the 'Betta splendens'.

Where can you see koi fish tattoo designs?

On the internet. Try googling "koi fish tattoo designs".

Is fighting fish illegal?

Do you mean fish fighting like dog fighting or owing Siamese fighting fish? Both are legal.

What kind of tattoo would symbolize a free spirit?

== == * Simply a Four leafed clover * an American flag * A Dragonfly * A Butterfly * A fish in the open sea * A horse in a field galloping

Do goldfish eat fighting fish?

no, the fighting fish either attacks the gold fish or ignores it.

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