What does a blacksmith do when it works?

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for 7 hours a blacksmith works as i have seen it and asked from a blacksmith for my project

A blacksmith works with things which are malleable when heated - so their property is malleability.

No, a blacksmith is an individual who works with black metals (iron and steel, generally).

A blacksmith <><><> A Farrier. Blacksmith means someone that works iron or steel (the "black" metals) A farrier is a blacksmith that specializes in shoeing horses.

A silversmith in the truest sense of the word works only with silver a blacksmith with iron or steel.

The place where a blacksmith works is called a blacksmith's house or stable. The house can be made of wood and a blacksmith need physical strength to produce items such as grilles, gates, and tools.

A blacksmith is a person who forges iron, or an informal term for a person who shoes horses. A blacksmith can also refer to a blackish fish of the Pacific coast.

A blacksmith is a person who works with metals. Therefor, some materals that a blacksmith might use are things such as copper, tin, steel, or any other types of metals he or she can melt to form new things.

A person that works with metal anvil and a chisel is called a blacksmith. Blacksmiths are rare now, but in the days when horses were a common mode of transport, the blacksmith made horseshoes, wagon wheels and other metal parts.

A blacksmith mainly works heating and shaping iron. A silversmith works in shaping silver which most often worked cold. Or a silversmith may melt the silver and pour the molten silver into a form and file and polish the object to finish it.

In ancient rome a blacksmith is a blacksmith

Steven Blacksmith goes by Blacksmith.

a blacksmith is called a blacksmith because the mine iron.iron was formerly called black metal.

There will always be a blacksmith but he will not normally hang around the blacksmith house. Look around for a villager with a black apron, that is a blacksmith.

To become a blacksmith, you have to obtain an apprenticeship. You can only do this by contacting a blacksmith.

No. George Washington was not a blacksmith.

The duration of The Blacksmith is 1500.0 seconds.

It does not matter what gender the person is to be a blacksmith. I have seen both men and women blacksmiths.

The cast of The Blacksmith - 2011 includes: Alexander Chavez as The Blacksmith

No. The use of the word "smith" in the case means a person who is making guns. The blacksmith works with iron, steel to make horsehoes, swords. A silversmith is a person who works with silver.

Blacksmith Records was created in 2005.

how did colonial blacksmith "James Anderson get his job?"

a blacksmith is 'un forgeron' in French.

Maybe Seiken no Blacksmith/The Sacred Blacksmith

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