What does a blinking check engine light indicate where to start looking for an engine miss?

== == You need a diagnostic download tool that will tell you the actual stored memory codes, which is the first step in fixing the problem. These tools are about $130 USD to buy, or you can go a licensed gagage and have the technician do it, for a price. By having the test done by a tech you will not be guessing as to what the problem is, and throwing money at it trying to get it fixed. Spend the money for the test, and know for sure what is wrong with the car. Then have it fixed and be happy. Many autoparts stores now offer to read those codes for free. Of course they're hoping that you'll buy any needed parts from them. I use Autozone for this virtually every time to find out what the car is complaining about. I agree using Auto zone or Advanced Auto. They read and cleared my code for free. CEL stayed on all the time on my 2001 Windstar. Turned out to be the EGR sensor I replaced.