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blood cells look like apples right after they fall off of a tree.

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What does the white blood cell look like?

A White Blood Cell looks like Sperm!

What does a sickle-cell blood cell look like?

It looks like a banana.

What does the inside of a red blood cell look like?

like a lot of water

Why does an blood cell look like it does?

so it can form into the bloodstream properly

What would it look like inside heart from the point of view of a blood cell?


What is a genetic autoimmune difficiency in which blood cells look like a sickle It is not sickle cell anemia?

sickle cell anemia

What would the blood cells look like in an individual who is not producing enough insulin compared to a normal blood cell?


Which type of blood cell looks different from cell to cell the red or white blood cells?

Red blood cells all look like red blood cells. White cells have different shapes mainly because they have different functions.

What is a ovum?

An Ovum is a female sex cell or a eggwhat is a ovum and do the look like blood clots

If a blood cell has not nucleus and is shaped like a biconcave disc what cell is it?

Red blood cell

What is a primary cell?

a primary cell is like a blood cell

What would the blood cells look like in an individual who is not producing enough insulin compound to a normal blood cell?

we dont know find out on google

How does the shape of the blood cell compare to the shape of the cheek cell?

a cheek cell does not have a regular shape and a blood cell is like doughnut shape but like the top and bottom is like sinking in instead of like a hole.

How is the shape of nerve cell different from a blood cell?

The blood cell is fatter like fater than your mom

What does a lung look like after you smoke?

The color of the lungs will turn to black. It caused by the blood cell that instead of taking oxygen, it takes nicotine that turns the color of fress blood cell (red) into black.

What are monocytes in a blood test?

A blood test is used to find out what components are in your blood and in what proportions. When they separate the solids they look at the red blood cell, white blood cell, and platelets. The monocytes are a common type of white blood cell, or leukocyte.

Does a white blood cell have organelles?

A white blood cell, like all cells, has organelles.

Blood cell with no nucleus and shaped like a biconcave disc is called what?

Red Blood Cell

What does a flower cell look like?

they look like seeds

What does 800cc blood look like?

blood (:

What does a animal cell and a plant cell look like?

Small, but they look similar...

What does a person with sickle cell diseases look like?

people with sickle cell disease have no abnormal appearances. the abnormalities are found on the microscopic level when the blood cells are examined.

What happen to a cell like red blood cell when it loses its nucleus?

Red blood cells do not have a nucleus.

What is ovum and do they look like a blood clot?

What is ovum and do they look like a blood clot and be also perimenpause?

How can white blood cell tell the difference of germs and red blood cell?

They can tell the difference because germs (parasites) have whats called Pili. These look like points or sticks coming off the parasite. White blood cells (WBC) use Pili to tell whether a cell is a parasite or not.

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