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This is a female Betta fish.

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โˆ™ 2013-03-04 21:49:18
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Q: What does a blue female betta fish look like?
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Can female betta fish live with smaller fish?

yes but do not pick fish that are soooo small like minnows because your betta will EAT HIM UP!

Do female betta fish like each other?

No, unless their lesbian.

Is a betta fish an active fish?

Yes the female are kindda lazy but the males are very active so if you like active fish the male betta is best for you

What do Betta male fish look like?

A male betta has a long flowing tail while a female has a short tail

What happens when female Betta fish are put together?

if female beta fish are put together they would start to fight like the males.

What do female betta fish look like when she has eggs inside of her?

it looks like they have a big bubble in their side

What does a female betta fish look like?

A female Betta has shorter fins and a little duller in color than a male. They might also be smaller than males.

What does an overfed betta fish look like?

a fat betta fish

Will your male betta fish eat your other fish or bite it?

a male Betta will usually like the company of other fish but will fight or kill others of their kind also they might fight guppies cause they look similar to a female Betta.

Do betta fish like dirty water?

No, Betta fish like clean, but not sterile water like all fish.

What fish can you add with a female betta?

Almost any kind of fish can live with a female betta, as long as they are close in size. Female bettas are not aggressive like males, so you should be able to put a few in the same tank without a problem

Do betta fish like the coldness?

Betta fish like room temperature- not cold and not hot.

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