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What does a blue morpho butterfly live with?

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They live with other beautiful Butterflies.

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Where does a blue morpho butterfly live?

The Blue Morpho butterfly lives in the tropical forest of South America. However it can also be found in Mexico and Central America.

How does a blue morpho reproduce?

how does a blue morpho butterfly reproduce

How long does a blue morpho butterfly live?

two months

What is a name of a blue butterfly?

Morpho Butterfly

What butterfly is blue?

the blue morpho butterfly: )

What animal group is the blue morpho butterfly in?

The blue morpho butterfly belongs to the arthropoda group. There are 29 species of the morpho butterfly and 150 subspecies in which the blue morpho is just one. They are found in South America, Mexico and Central America.

How does a Blue Morpho Butterfly get its oxygen?

The blue morpho butterfly actually breathes throught something called the spiracles

How does a blue morpho butterfly make its shelter?

Blue Morpho Butterflies generally live in trees. They will find a place in the shade where they are protected from the weather.

What type of butterfly is a blue and black one?

Blue Morpho Butterfly

How does the blue morpho butterfly live?

it live with a group with there family now stop asking questions

What eats the blue morpho butterfly?

The main enemy of the blue morpho butterfly is man. Spiders, birds, and fish are also included.

How long is a blue morpho butterfly?

The blue morpho butterfly is 5 to 8 inches long, one of the largest butterflies known.

Blue morpho butterfly?

its a butterfly and eats butter alot

What type of consumer is a blue morpho butterfly?

A blue morpho butterfly is a secondary consumer. A secondary consumer eats other things. This type of butterfly is the largest in the world.

How long does a morpho butterfly live?

The blue morpho butterfly only lives about 115 days. This would mean that they must spend the majority of their life either eating or reproducing.

Where does the morpho butterfly live?

The morpho butterfly is Neotropical. That means it prefers to live in the tropical areas of Central and South America.

How does a Blue Morpho Butterfly move?

they fly

What shape is a blue morpho butterfly?


Dose blue morpho butterfly have any natural predators?

do blue morpho butterflies have any enemies

What does a blue morpho butterfly sound like?

It is impossible to determine the sound of a blue morpho butterfly. The sounds are too low to be heard by the human ear.

What animal live in the emergent layer?

Blue Headed ParrotsHarpy EagleLovebirdsMacawTiger Swallowtail(Butterfly)Blue Doctor (Butterfly)Brown Peacock(Butterfly)Blue Morpho ButterflyECT.......

Why is the blue Morpho butterfly so treasured?

because they are blue

The most well known butterfly in the rainforest?

blue morpho butterfly

What is the food of an morpho butterfly?

The only specific morpho I'm farmiliar with is the Blue Morpho, (Morpho Menelaus), and it feeds on the Pea Plant.

Does the blue morpho butterfly react with other creatures?

There are a number of ways that the blue morpho butterfly may react with other creatures. This butterfly may fly away from predators for example.

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