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Q: What does a breed box look like?
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What breed of cats look like a fox?

The breed of cats that look like a fox is the Somali breed. These cats were created by the Abyssinian cat breed.

What does a box jelly look like?

they look like a box with jelly on it.

What is a cow bulldog and what do they look like?

They are a breed of bulldog, they are white with black spots (like the Holstein dairy breed).

Are pitbull half breeds physically built the same?

If any breed is crossed with a different breed, any characteristic of either breed can be present. A pit bull cross could look mostly like a pit bull, or could just as likely look mostly like the breed it was crossed with.

What breed is the shire horse?

Shire horse is the breed! Clysedales are also another breed that look a bit like shires.

What does a post office box key look like?

It will look like a regular key. It has just been designed to fit specifically into your post office box.

How does a cheetah box looklike?

a cheetah box look like a cheetah inside a box

What does the smallest horse look like?

Mini's are the smallest breed of horse and they are very cute. They almost look like a toy.

Does a desi cow look like a jersey cow?

Yes, and she can also look like any other breed of bovine.

Can a chow look like another dog breed?

The answer is no you can never mistake a chow chow for another breed of dog

Why do parakeets need a breed box to hatch their eggs and what is a breed box?

Parakeets, like most other domestic Birds, like to have a place that is most like a nest. A Breed Box is a special box made out of wood or some other material. In some Breed Boxes, there may or may not be a shallow dip in it, so the mother bird thinks her 'nest' is, well, more like a nest like in the wild.If you provide a nest box, it will Encourage a pair of birds to mate, and if the the female does in fact lay eggs, then she would most likely lay them in the most nest-like spot she can find in her cage.Sometimes birds will not mate or lay eggs because they do not have a Breed Box. I know this from past experiances with my own pairs of birds. I hope my info helped you =D

What does the fuse box on a Chevy Impala look like?

a black box

What does it look like when it is done?

Look on the box. It should have a picture.

On Howrse what will a baby look like if its mother is an Irish Hunter and the father is a Chincoteague Pony?

If the parents are each 100% of their breed then the foal will take the breed of the father and look like the Chinco pony. If however, there is a higher breed percentage in the make-up, the foal will follow this characteristic.

What does the fuse box look like on a 1964 Ford Galaxie look like?

The fuse box on a 1964 Ford Galaxie looks like a small gray box with a removable cover. The fuse box is located on the front panel just to the left of the driver's seat.

When can you tell if puppies are pure breed?

when they grow up they will look like a breed or if you need to know sooner you can do a dna test

What do early colonial times homes look like?

They look like a box left in the rain.

What breed of dog do i have?

Well what does your dog look like first of all?

What does a square prism look like?

a box

What does the first phone look like?

it looks like a big box

How do puppies look like?

it depends on the breed but overall, they r ah-dorable!!

Will you know what a mixed breed puppy will look like when its full grown?

they are mixed

What does the horse breed of Kathiawan look like?

See the related links for a picture.

What did the first airplane look like?

A box Kite

What does a pregnant box turtle look like?