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The color of menstrual flow has almost no medical significance.

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Q: What does a bright red period mean?
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What does bright red period blood mean?

Bright red period blood typically occurs on the heaviest days of your period. It is totally normal and does not mean that there is anything wrong.

What does it look like when you start your period?

The blood itself varies in color... it could be brownish, brownish-red, red, dark red, redish-pink, bright red, or anything, really. For me, my first period was bright red and gooey. icky. i know. Have a happy period!

What does Tiffanie mean?

tiffanie means its a bright red rose... tiffanie means its a bright red rose...

What does it mean to have thin bright red blood?

thin, bright red blood means that your platelets are low.

What if period is a light flow of bright red blood?

Then it's a normal period, nothing to worry about.

Is it a sign of pregnancy when my period blood is bright red in color?

No, this is normal

Could you have bright red blood for you period?

yes it is verry commen

Why sometimes a period does be extra bright red?

because periods suck.

What if period is heavy flow of bright red blood?

Then that's normal.

Bright red discharge prior to period?

If this happens a day or a few hours before your period then this is normal.

What does bright red blood mean?

Bright red blood is oxygenated blood. If asking about menstrual flow, a bright red flow just means that the uterus is shedding at a steady rate.

Spotting red blood before period?

Brownish then after few hours light bright red blood

What does it mean to have bright red blood?

Bright red blood is oxygenated blood. If a wound shows spurting bright red blood, it is an arterial bleed. If it is a steady dark crimson color, it is venous.

Why your period is bright red and its 5 days early?

haha .. dico alam ..

Why is your period bright red and watery?

because your losing blood every month

What colour should you period blood be?

It can vary between bright red, dark red, brown to almost black.

You are bleeding bright red blood Is this due to pregnancy?

When you bleed bright red this either are in the process off heavy blood flow, or in the middle stage of your period. In the beginning of your period it is dark red because your releasing old blood...then in the middle you start to loose fresh(red) blood

What does the medical abbreviation BRBPR mean?

BRBPR means bright red blood per rectum.Bright red blood per rectum.

What color should your period be?

It ranges from a bright red to a brown rust like color.

What is wrong if you have been on your period for 11 days?

spotting brown for 7 days and bright red blood and a little clouts for 4 days sill bleeding bright red know

Can bright red be an adjective?

The word red is an adjective, and the word bright is an adverb (the red is bright).

What does bright red bleeding mean with little clots 1 week after a period?

you could have fibroids which will have to be removed surgically, so it is better to have your gynaecologist make a thorough examination.

Preg test neg still no period after one day of spotting bright red?

What is your question?

Is it normal for period blood to be bright red through the whole time you have it?

someone help please

What does bright red mean in West Side Story?

The bright red means hate. The big clue is at the end when Maria tells everybody that they killed because of hate, and points to her bright red dress saying that she now has hate too.