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in 2011 at 1-18-2011- we employed in this building we are tow brother on 2012 at 2-17-2012 this Supervisor with anther manger Bryan at t hat sad day please give me your two I.D and go home the reason was my brother told to them if we didn't hire we looking for anther job in add to that .his b ad supervisor he do people from latino nation hired he is racy man ,are this is wright . I WILL SEND ASSAMESE TO middel EAST WEB-SIT TO NOT IMPORTED ANY THINGS FROM YOUR COMPANY THIS IS A KIND OF DISCRIMINATION ' AND BEST WISHES FOR BRYAN MECHANIC ENGENDER FROM baluio AND a[bert dawood' WRITING BY baluios dawood

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Q: What does a building supervisor do?
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Interview for building maintenance supervisor?

If you are going for an interview for a building maintenance supervisor, you need to make sure to bring good references.

What is the average income for building supervisor?

The Average based on US states $89,000

Where can you get an application form for a licensed building supervisor in Kerala?

please check lensfed website

How do answer about your supervisor?

handling, managing, providing the ideas, freely making the are's where's the area for responsible and specially making and building the good team, ordering the iteam and availibility, productively, customering is that a supervisor.......................and...................

What is a sentence for the word supervisor?

My supervisor checked my work. I reported to a supervisor.

What is fullform of supervisor?


Is it supervisor or superviser?


How do I call if the alarm system in my apartment building keeps going off?

You can contact the company of your system and tell them what is wrong. You should call the building supervisor. They can bring out the maintence crew to turn it off.

Does a Senior Supervisor have to be a Category Supervisor?

Yes, a Senior Supervisor must be a Category Supervisor.(See the Related question.)

What you the correct spelling for supervisor?

The spelling for supervisor is supervisor; you had it spelled correctly in the question.

Can a Floating Supervisor become a Senior Supervisor?

No, you have to be a Category Supervisor in order to become a Senior Supervisor. (See the Related question.)

What is a housekeeping supervisor's job description?

the job qualification of supervisor? the job qualification of supervisor?

How long can a Supervisor on WikiAnswers stay a Supervisor?

A Supervisor can be a Supervisor for however long he or she wants until the Supervisor deletes his/her account, is blocked or demoted for violating rules, or wants to quit being a Supervisor. If a supervisor remains inactive for a certain amount of time, he/she may have their supervisor powers taken away until he/she contributes again.

Is the word supervisor capitalized?


Who is a supervisor over?

She supervisor me with tons of work

What is higher shift supervisor or supervisor?

shift because he controls the schedule and can opt not to schedule the supervisor.

What do you do when you are an supervisor and another supervisor wants to tell you what to do?

Its should be referred to the Lead Supervisor for the section

How does a Floating Supervisor become a Category Supervisor?

If a floating supervisor wishes to become a category supervisor, they can apply in the same way that a non-supervisor would, by sending an email to the appropriate email address.

My supervisor said that he is trying to get a job as a supervisor. Which that doesn't make any sense because he already IS a supervisor. Do you think my supervisor is stupid or not?

No, he might want another job as a supervisor that pays more.

How to evaluate your supervisor?

Sometimes you may be asked to evaluate your supervisor. When you do so, consider things such as how well your supervisor communicates and whether or not you feel that your supervisor is fair.

What is the plural noun for supervisor?

The plural for supervisor is supervisors.

What is a sentence for supervisor?

The supervisor was efficient in managing the workers.

Is a Corrections Lieutenant a manager administrator or supervisor?


How do you say supervisor in French?

supervisor→ superviseur, surveillant...

What part of speech is the word supervisor?

Supervisor is a noun.