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What does a bull mate with to get a cow?


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A cow is a mature female bovine that has already had at least two calves. A bull is a male bovine that is used to breed cows. Therefore, a bull mates with a cow to produce a calf that has a 50% chance of growing into a cow or a bull.

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Bulls are male cowsWhen a bull and a cow (all cows are female)'mate' if the cow has a 'male' cow its called a 'bull'

Put her with a bull or get her artificially inseminated.

Yes. A bull will mate with a cow more than once during her heat cycle if he is so inclined and if he has few other cows to mate with.

No. Bull Hippos fight each other to decide who gets to mate with the cow hippos. When the baby is born the mother is careful to keep it away from the bulls, as they will kill it in order to make the cow ready to mate again. The next time the cow may well mate with a different bull.

A bull can mate with up to 50 females per year. A cow mates only once a year. If she comes up open though, she will be bred more than once.

Typically yes. But in reality, not really.

Angus bulls are first opportunity breeders - when a cow is in heat and receptive, the bull will mate.

It means that the cow or heifer is sexually active or receptive, and is ready to accept a bull to mount and mate with her.

Yes, especially if the bull has such high libido (or is really "horny" all the time).

To mate with as many cows as he can before he succumbs to exhaustion or injury or until the farmer determines when the bull should be pulled from the cow herd.

Bull ..... the cow mates with a bull!!

The cow elk. Don't go for the bull elk unless your mate is with you or you will die

Yes, of course! Cows and bulls are not separate species, they are names of different sexes within the species Bos primigenius taurus or indicus, and can indeed mate with each other, provided the cow is ready to do so. A bull will only mate with a cow when the cow is in heat or estrus, and not during any other time. Bulls are mature male intact bovines, and cows are mature female bovines.

The opposite gender of a bull is a cow.

Not long at all, a bull is so heavy in the front end of their body that they can't stay on top of the cow for long being that off balance.

A steer or bull cow is a male cow. The female cow is usually called a heifer. A dairy cow is sometimes called a milker.

The rule of thumb is that you need to breed a cow 12 hours after you see her show signs of estrus or heat. A bull will typically mate a cow during her heat period, but not when she's not in heat, which is the rest of the 17 to 24 days that she's not in heat.

No. A bull is the male counterpart of a cow, not a "type" of cow. Bulls aren't cows, technically speaking.

A bull seal and a cow seal have seal pups.

It takes two to five seconds for a bull to copulate with a cow.

Only by the cow, it is never ever determined by the bull.

Bull cows don't exist. It's either a bull or a cow. And a bull or a cow can be a bovine, yes, but it can be another animal like an elephant, a moose, a bison, buffalo, rhino, etc.

Yes there is such thing as a non milking cow in other words a non milk producing cowthere is aDairy CowBeef CowBullBut a bull is a male so we can cross bull out BULL a dairy cow produces milk so we can cross that out too DAIRY So the non milk producing cow is a Beef CowI Hope this helped!!

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