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Typically, the butterfly is a symbol of freedom. A caterpillar turns into a butterfly and flies away. So this girl could be saying she is into free love or is not shy in bed. She may not want to express that, but that is what the butterfly means.

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Q: What does a butterfly tattoo below the navel symbolize?
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Is appendix below your navel?


Where can a 14 year old get her navel pierced?

I had mine done when I was fourteen at a local tattoo shop.

Where are your bowels?

Your bowels are your small and large intestines. They are in your abdomen, below your lungs - essentially essentially a bit above your navel, and extending to well below your navel.

How do you wear a navel ring for a inverse navel piercing?

If you want to wear a regular navel ring in your inverse piercing, turn the navel ring upside-down, so that the larger gem is in the navel, and the smaller gem is below.

Can you wear saree below the navel?

yes,I can wear saree below navel, usually I wear saree about 5 to 6 inches below only. it is very comfortable for me by this and the border sarees goes well when we wear well below navel by V shape and adjust the border near the waist. even i wear transperant sarees also well below navel it gives rich look when it is exposed in single layer, my mom also wear like this and my sisters also wear like this my hubby likes me to see saree well below my navel, always he insists me to wear well below.

Why a lady ties her saree below navel?

She wants her lover to put his fingers & role under her wide & deep navel, that's y she is awaiting.

What is another word for Abdomen?

Belly is a name for the part of the abdomen which is below the navel.

What is a navel piercing?

its getting the skin above or below your belly button pierced..

Is the hypogastric region located below the navel?

The term 'hypogastric region' describes an area in the body of a human being that falls under his abdomen and the exact area that the term describes is under the umbilicus. The 'epigastric region' is located below the navel.

How much percentage of Indian married women prefer to wear sarees below their navel?

60% of indian womens wear saree below their navels.

What is the Average price for a navel piercing?

i live in Canada and its usually around $40 Canadian. if you aren't sure just go down to the local tattoo parlour and ask

Is it common for women in early pregnancy to have a line of hair from below their navel going downward?

Yes, women can notice a darker line of hair going down the midline of the abdomen from the navel to the low abdomen.

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