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There are an unlimited number of things that a butterfly tattoo on the left shoulder could symbolize. It could symbolize peace for example.

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Does Josh Hutcherson have a tattoo?

There are pictures of him with a Hawaii tattoo on his shoulder He also has a libro tattoo on his wrist There is a rumored third tattoo on his left shoulder....

What does a scorpion tattoo on the left side on the arm symbolize?

A scorpion.

What does a teardrop tattoo under the left eye symbolize?

The person with the teardrop tattoo killed someone.

What is the tattoo on erendira ibara left shoulder?

star constellation

What is Lacey Mosley's tattoo?

Lacey's tattoos include a tattoo on her left forearm, back of her left shoulder, and left leg. The tattoo on her shoulder is the Holy Trinity and a dove. On her leg is a swan, and on her arm is the word Beulah (which means "married") from the Bible verse Isaiah 62:4.

Does Rachel mcadams have a tatoo?

Yes. She has a butterfly tattoo on her left lower back.

Does Nancy ajram have a tattoo?

Yes, she had a purple detailed butterfly on her left wrist.

What is robbie keane's tattoo?

He has Praying Hands w/rosary tattoo on his left shoulder and a Celtic Cross on his other.

Does David Henrie have a tattoo on his back?

yes he has an angel on his right shoulder, trying to find out what's on his left shoulder...

Who has a large tattoo on his left shoulder and has the middle name Noah?

Adam Levine

What does rihanna's tattoo on her left shoulder in roman numerals mean?

love is ours

What was Angelina Jolie first tattoo?

The symbol of death on her left shoulder blade

What does sunshine tattoo symbolize?

a sun tattoo can mean the quintesential giver of life or can also symbalize god in some religions. i have one on my left arm.

What tattoo does bow wow got on his shoulder?

Young rapper has large clown on his left shoulder small initials on other arm and others

Is it true that a Koi arm tattoo should be on the left arm never the right to symbolize good karma?

No !!!

Does Faith Hill have a tattoo?

No, however her husband, Tim McGraw, has her name tattooed on his left shoulder.

How many tattoos does Lea Michele have?

Yes, Lea has tattoos, 9 to be specific."Imagine" on her left footA gold star on her left wrist"I Believe" in teal ink on her right wristA blue butterfly on her right footAnother butterfly on her backA bird on her hipTwo musical notes on her left shoulderAn unidentified tattoo in memory of her grandpa on her thighA cross and unidentified writing on her left rib cage

What is Drake Bell's tattoo?

He also has War Is Over If you want on his left lower forearm, and a tattoo on his back that says smile =] Drake Bell Has A Tattoo Of John Lennons Glassess On His Shoulder.

Does lacey mosley have a tattoo?

Yes, Lacey Mosley has four tattoos. Lacey's tattoos include a tattoo on her left forearm, back of her left shoulder, left leg (ankle), and one on her upper-arm. The tattoo on her shoulder is the Holy Trinity and a dove. On her leg is a swan, on her arm is the word Beulah (which means "married") from the Bible verse Isaiah 62:4, and the one on her upper-arm reads, 'Daughter'.

Will a tattoo on the left shoulder blade hurt more then the right shoulder blade?

it depends, when i got a tattoo in the middle of my back, it felt more painful when she was doin it on the right compared to the left. which is weird because the tattoo is right in the middle and of exact proportion. she (my tattoo artist) told me that it happens to some people, especially those who use one side of their brain more. so if it hurts on the right, it means u're more of a left brain person. so maybe you should find out (there are some other ways to tell) if you're left or right brain then tattoo on the opposite direction.

What does a star tattoo under left eye symbolize?

gang symbol. means that the person wearing it is a higher ranking member of a gang

Does Josh Hutcherson have a permenent tattoo?

Yes he has 3 one on the left wriste and one on shoulder and on his right side 2012

Does Lady Gaga have a tattoo on her back?

Yes, she does. On her lower back there are two tattoos. She has a treble clef in the center of her back which was her very first tattoo and she has a very large tattoo of roses on her left side. She also has thee tattoos on her left shoulder: daisies, "Dad" in a heart, and "Toyko Love"

What is the meaning of tattoo in Kobe Bryant shoulder?

It's on his right arm. From the outer shoulder to the side of his elbow. It's a tattoo that he got to symbolize the importance of family. He got shortly after he was accused of adultery and his wife Vanessa had left him at the time. The top of the tattoo is a crown. The crown of a king to represent himself and the man he needs to be. On top of the crown are butterflies representing his daughters and there love for butterflies at the time. Underneath the crown is the name 'Vanessa' and 2 sets of angel wings. Underneath the wings are Roman Numerals representing Kobe and Vanessa's wedding anniversary. Count on Kobe

Does Miley Cyrus's mom have a tattoo?

Yes. Miley's mother Leticia "Tish" Cyrus has giant wings on her back, a star on her right shoulder blade, a tattoo on her left hip, and she probably has others as well.