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i think they buy ice cream for everyone!

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Describe in detail a typical day at work?

depends what type of job you do what a typical day at work is :)

How is a typical day at work for a dentist?


A typical work day for a phsycologist?

A typical work day for a psychologist centers around seeing people. The work may be done in an office or in a clinical setting.

What is an archaeologist's typical work day?


What is a typical day in the life of a carpenter?


What is a typical day of work for a brickmaker?


What is a WNBA's players typical work day?

what do wnba players doon typical days

What does a physicist do on a typical work day?

eat babies

How many hours is in a business day?

A typical work day is 8 hours.

What does a typical day mean?

A typical day is a day at work that's alike all the rest of the days. This meaning the tempo or normal activities that take place most of the time is what's happening again on a typical day.

A blacksmiths typical day at work?

The typical work of my day is: haul coal, gather supplies metal tongs etc., chose a project, light the forge, and work for several hours, then let the forge die

What is a typical day like for a civil engineer?

It depends on what the work is

What is a typical work day for a chef?

To cook. It is quite obvious.

How long was the typical work day in the 1800s?

12 hours

What is a typical day at work for a fashion designer?

8 hours

What is a typical day in the Netherlands?

A typical day in the Netherlands includes people going to work and children going to school. Many people in the Netherlands work on farms and meet at coffee shops.

How many people did work at the World Trade Center?

typical work day: 50,000

What is typical day?

a typical day is a day ..that would be good for your self meaning everyone has a typical day what they do from the beginning of the day to the end of the day what is your typical day?

What is a typical day as a trauma surgeon?

a typical day would be very boring A typical day of work for a trauma surgeon is attending patients and saving many lives. To try to cure those that suffered from a tragedy or car accident.

What is the normal work day for an electrical engineer?

the typical work day of an Electrical Engineer is usually making projects and discussing the projects.

What a typical day for a orthodontist?

A typical day for an orthodontist is going to work and seeing patients all day. An orthodontist will apply braces to teeth, make adjustments on braces, and removing braces.

What does bank CEO stand for?

CEO stands for Chief Executive Officer. The CEO is the top person responsible for day-to-day decision-making in a business.

What is a typical day on the job as a clinical psychologist?

Clinical psychologists work in many settings, so a typical day will differ depending on the setting. Some work in private practice, others in hospitals, schools, and prisons.

What is a typical work day for a phsycologist be like?

Psychologists deal with people in controlled settings during a typical work day. The people will either come to the office or the psychologist will go to the outpatient center to see the clients.

What are the typical work hours for a football player?

The typical work hours for a football player during football season is about 4 hours. When it is game day, the hours will be more.