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What does a cherry blossom flower symbolize?

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A cherry blossom is the symbol of spiritual beauty.

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Is a cherry blossom a Japan flower?

nobody knows because there is the cherry blossom and the crysanthmum.

Is cherry blossom a tree or a flower?

it is the bloom of a flowering cherry tree so its both it is a blossom on a tree but that doesn't mean it's both a blossom is a flower on a tree

Are cherries is a flower?

no but cherry blossom is a flower cherrys are fruit

What is Monaco's national flower?

A cherry Blossom

What is the favorite flower of Japan?

The cherry blossom is the national flower of Japan.

What is the national flower of monaco?

The national flower of Monaco is Cherry Blossom .

What pigments are present in petals of cherry blossom flower?

The pink colour of cherry blossom petals is produced by the pigment anthocyanin

How many ovules are there in a cherry blossom flower?


When will a cherry blossom bonsai plant flower?

About 7 years. Ihave a peach blossom.

Is the cherry blossom Japan's national flower?

Japan has no official National flower.

What is Japan's popular pink fluffy flower?

cherry blossom

What is the unofficial national flower of japan?

Unofficially it is the Cherry Blossom.

What type of flower is on Arizona tea bottles?

cherry blossom

What country has the cherry blossom as the national flower?

i think its Japan.

What is the most famous flower in Japan?

The most famous flower in Japan, is the cherry blossom

Are sakura and cherry blossom trees the same thing?

A cherry blossom,commonly known in Japan as Sakura, is the flower of any tree, genus Prunus, particularly the Japanese Cherry

Does Japan have a state animal or flower?

japan is not a state but the animal is the koi, and the flower is the cherry blossom

What is the Japanese flowers name?

Sakura is the cherry blossom. Hana is flower.

Is the cherry blossom a male or female flower?

It is both male and female.

What flower is on the Japanese national rugby union shirt?

Cherry blossom

What does Japanese word sakura mean?

Sakura is a Japanese name which means cherry blossom. it is impotant because in japenese when a cherry blossom falls part of a heart is gone Sakura means a pretty flower called a cherry blossom.

What are the national animal bird and flower of Japan?

National bird = Pheasant National flower = Cherry blossom

What Flowers are popular in Japan?

The most popular flower in Japan is the Sakura, which is the cherry blossom.

A flower which stands for a new beginning?

Cherry Blossom stands for virtue and new beginnings :)

What are the uses of a Japanese cherry blossom?

good to look at, mate, what other use does a flower have