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They help get your intrest rates lower and get you out of debt 3 to 5 times faster. Not true. I was lied to by this company. They told me that they could lower my principal and interest on my mortgage, which i am facing foreclosure on. They also were unable to deliver in lowering my interest rates on my credit cards. Now they are telling me it will be 60 days before I get a refund. DO NOT BUY FROM THEM. My name is Matt Hayton and I can be reached at

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What is consolidating financial statements?

hen a large company acquire one or more small companies then acquiring company is called the parent company and acquired companies are called subsidiary companies so when the financial statements of parent company and subsidiary companies are prepared in one financial statement altogether those financial statements are called consolidated financial statements.

A combined financial statement of a parent company and its subsidiaries is called?

a consolidated financial statement

What do you call a person who takes financial risks to start a company?

A person who takes financial risks to start a company is called an entrepreneur

What company has an orange lion as a logo?

The company is called ING Direct which is a financial institution.

What are the difference between th consolidated financial statement and the normal financial statement?

Where there is a relationship of parent company and child company exists between companies then to show the overall performance of parent as well as child companies at one single financial statement is called consolidated financial statement while on other hand financial statement of one single company is called the normal financial statement.

Is there still a Company called Harvest Life Insurance Company?

I believe it was bought out by GE Financial, now called Genworth.

Is there a company called clark financial services limited?

Yes,there is a company called clark financial service,that is where i got my loan of 540,000rand and today i am able to consolidate all my debts and live a good life

What is the british-dutch multinational consumer goods company called?


What do you call a person who collects money for hisher company?

The person who collects money for your company is called the financial director.

What is the advisory body of the president called?

the cabinet

Is there a financial company called Parker and Phillips finiancal?

This company is a scam. They ask for money as collateral for a loan but you never receive the loan. Do not deal with this company!

Organisms that cant photosynthesize and must get their energy by eating other organisms are called?

consumers. a consumer that eats a plant is a primary consumer. a consumer that eats a primary consumer is called a secondary consumer. a consumer that eats a secondary consumer is called a tertiary consumer. a consumer that eats a tertiary consumer is called a quarternary consumer.

Informal presidential advisory group?

An informal presidential advisory group that is made up of close friends and specialists is called the ...

The accounting principle that requires financial statements to report all relevant information about the operations and financial condition of a company is called?

Full Disclosure Principle

What is a 3rd level consumer called?

A 3rd level consumer is called a tertiary consumer

Informal presidential advisory group that is made up of close friends and specialists called?

informal presidential advisory group that is made up of close friends and specialists called the

Acronym for pres advisory group?

An acronym for a presidential advisory group would be PAG. In the United States this group of advisers is called the Cabinet.

Who regulates the company Nemo Loans?

Nemo Loans offers financial loans to individuals. It is owned by another company called the Principality Building Society. Nemo Loans is regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority for providing loans.

Who is the designer of Hindustan Unilever Pvt Ltd?

The company was formerly called Hindustan Lever, and there is more information about the company from there. They are a large provider of consumer products in India.

Which section of the business plan contains information about the financial history of the company?

There is a part that's called financial section. In here you include past and current financial statements, as well as future predictions and estimates.

What is the baseball stadium in Pittsburgh called?

It is called PNC Park after PNC Financial Services, the local company that bought the naming rights to the stadium.

Who is Dave maycock?

As of July 2014, Dave Maycock is the Chief Financial Officer at a wholesale company called Animal Supplies. The company is located in Sydney, Australia.

What was Andrew Jackson's informal advisory group called?

The Kitchen Cabinet

What is the price paid by a consumer called?

It is called the consumer price. It may also be called the retail price.

What is a third level consumer called?

tertiary consumer