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They create a series of commands in sequence for a computer to process input. There are many ways to create these commands, also called languages. Examples of these are Smalltalk, Pascal, Fortran, C, C++, Basic (and Visual Basic), logo, assembly, Java, Cobol, and others. A programmer needs to have several different characteristics: have perseverance, be detail orientated, be creative, willing to let other people check their work and to work on things other have created, willing to constantly upgrade their education and willing to sometimes do very boring tasks over and over (test, repair code, test, repair code, test....) Every thing you do on a computer came from a programmer or programmers; often from many generations of programmers - each generation building it's code and ideas on things the programmers came up with before.

Example: Windows Vista was built on code from XP, XP from 2000, 2000 from NT and 95/98, 95 from 3.11, 3.11 from 2.0, 2.0 from 1.0, 1.0 from DOS 3.3 ...... et al.

Linux was based on code from Minix which came from Unix which came from Multics...
it fixes computers and helps them to be good and work well and they program the computers to

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Q: What does a computer programmer do?
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